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I need food ideas for New Years Eve.

We're having my parents, sister, BIL, and their 3 teenage children over for new years eve.

They will all have travelled back from the beach that afternoon,  so wont want to do any kind of cooking/preparation.

I'll be almost 38 weeks pregnant so I'm not keen to cook a major meal either.

We all just want it to be something really low key and easy. It's summer here so we'll probably eat outside.

We had them all over for Christmas eve where we had a BBQ.

So I'm thinking really easy, throw it on the table and let people help themselves type food.

So far Mum and I came up with: nice breads, cold meats and salad for people to make filled rolls with. Mini sausage rolls.

Brandy snaps and sponge cake with strawberries for afterwards.

Being pregnant what I can eat is limited, but I'm happy to eat the vegetarian/salad options. I'm just trying to think of what is a) easy and b) appealing. 

My other problem is that my sister is suggesting we get take-out...but this probably won't get decided until they get back form the beach around lunchtime on new years eve...so if we opt out of take-out the food needs to be stuff we can just run to the supermarket and get.

Any thoughts?


Elizabeth 3yrs old Jane 1yr old

Re: I need food ideas for New Years Eve.

  • I don't know your budget, but since it seems you have summer weather why not get steaks and lobster for dinner?

    My local grocery store will steam lobsters for free (granted I live in New England where lobsters are cheap and plentiful).  And then you can grill  steaks for the non-seafood eaters.  Serve it with a salad and rice.

    For dessert just do a cake and fruit.

    It would be a pretty no-hassle meal.

    **I don't know all the restrictions for pregnant women. I know you can't have shellfish, but can you eat red meat in moderation? If not, perhaps chicken on the grill?


  • Tacos- put some chicken and salsa in the crock pot and cook, shred and mix with some refried beans.  Brown some hamburger with taco seasoning.  Add your toppings and shells and call it a day.

    You could also tweek a little and make this a salad bar.  Instead of deli meats use cooked and cubed chicken and ham.  Add other proteins- garbanzo beans and hard boiled eggs.  Then add some veg- cucumbers, sprouts, carrots, olives, peas, whatever you want.  Throw in some good rolls, maybe a little pasta salad and you have a nice meal. 

  • Go to your local Costco or Sam's and get a couple of platters of sandwiches and a few boxes of frozen appetizers (either the variety packs or get things like taquitos and mini quiches). Easy, tasty, toss in the oven and you're good to go.
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