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Real Estate Help

I was hoping to ask a real estate agent about this, but maybe you ladies can help...

So...we like the dream house with the cabin.  We've decided to my house up FSBO.  SOOOO...WWYD?  Do we put the offer in on Dream house with a contingency? Or should we wait till we put the house up?  I mean I can always list the house up on CL this weekend...

Re: Real Estate Help

  • You should get your approval letter first then put in a contingent offer.  I don't think any realtors would let you put in an offer without this.  I also don't think it will matter if your house is for sale at the time, but I would get it on the market asap.  Especially since you only have a limited time with the contingency should the seller receive another offer.  Usually 30 or 60 days depending on what the seller agrees to. GL!

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  • Thanks!  That's good advice.  We pretty much have our approval letter, so we should be okay there.

     How are things with you going????

  • Good, I guess.  We haven't heard back from the mortgage company since I sent them a letter.  But my tenant only has 8 1/2 months left, at this rate I'm just hoping to sell and be done with it!  Thanks for asking though.
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  • I've got my fingers crossed for you.  Hopefully everything will work out in your favor.
  • I worked in real estate for a few years... I personally think a seller would be less apt to accept a contingency based solely that that you are GOING to put it on the market. I think having it actually on would be more convincing.
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