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The last 10 years...

I stole this from the "married life" board

What has happened to you over the past 10 years? 

2000: Having fun in highschool with friends - idk?
2001: Graduated highschool / started college
2002: Met DH
2003: Interned at 103.5 KISS FM
2004: DH and I moved in together
2005: Graduated from college, moved to the City (Chicago)
2006: Got my current job
2007: DH and I decided to live a part for year (him back to the burbs me still in Chicago)
2008: Got engaged
2009: Moved back to the burbs and got married!

Re: The last 10 years...

  • This sounds fun and interesting!


    2000 - Graduated high school! Met my now DH!

    2001 - This was a rough year as I was a store manager for 2 stores at once...I had NO life!

    2002 - Quit the place I was managing at all together & enrolled in school.

    2003 - Graduated school (it was a technical institute). Started my now current job. Turned 21! haha

    2004 - Must not have been an exciting year as I don't remember anything exciting happening.

    2005 - Bought my house; bought my car.

    2006 - Adopted my dog, Alex =)

    2007 - Got engaged.

    2008 - Started my lifestyle change by joining WW.

    2009 - Got married and my best friend got married!

    Married 6/10/09 in Bermuda.
  • 2000: Graduated High School
    2001: Pledge my sorority in College
    2002: Drank my way through college...haha nothing to exciting this year!
    2003: Found my apartment in Chicago (didn't move until 1/3/04)
    2004: Graduated College
    2005: Worked as a television news reporter
    2006: Bought my 1st house
    2007: Started my current job
    2008: Got engaged
    2009: Got married and bought our 1st house together.
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  • Oooh this is a fun one!

    2000: interned for the Governor's office

    2001: Graduated highschool, moved to WA, started college

    2002: First apartment

    2003: hmmm...must have been a boring year!

    2004: Met FI, started nursing school

    2005: Nursing school ruled my life, moved in with FI

    2006: Graduated nursing school! woohoo!

    2007: Moved to Boise, started new job. Hated it. Quit job.

    2008: Moved back to Alaska, started current job. Got engaged!

    2009: Bought our first home

  • Shut up you interned at KISS FM??? I loved that station!!

    2000: Started high school
    2001: umm nothing?  my grandpa died this year..
    2002: got my drivers license
    2003: got accepted to NIU
    2004: Graduated High school and started NIU
    2005: Moved to Memphis (vomit)
    2006: Um, nothing that I can think of....
    2007: Dad died, met DH
    2008: Got engaged and Married!
    2009: Graduated College!

    and heres a hope: 2010: Move to Chicago :)

  • I'll play. 


    2000: I was in 10th grade. I was at the beginning stage of my emo-phase and had reddish/purple hair. I was dating a complete douche bag.
    2001: 11th grade. I was a total b**ch and hated everyone, especially some chic with a boys name. I went back to normal hair and dumped the douche.
    2002: Graduated from HS. Met my H in the summer and started college.
    2003: More college. Began working at a grocery store.  Moved in with my H. Got our first cat, Stanley
    2004: Nothing exciting happened this year, just more of the same. College and work.
    2005: Same as above.
    2006: Graduated from college. Started a job at a financial institution. Got engaged! Got our second cat, Libby.
    2007: Went through a tough time with my DH and my family.  Decided to change my life a bit and entered Grad School. Traveled for the first time in my life to Jamaica, fell in love with the Caribbean, and decided to have a destination wedding. Got our third kitty, Minnie.
    2008: Graduated from Grad School with a M.A.T. in Elementary Ed. GOT MARRIED!
    2009: Started working for a city school district as a substitute teacher. Moved into a large house.

  • 2000: Hmmm I think I got my drivers license that year?
    2001: Crowned Homecoming Queen
    2002: Graduated HS/moved and started college
    2003: Moved again - twice I think
    2004: Bought my first house
    2005: Met DH
    2006: We moved to MN
    2007: Got engaged/bought a new house
    2008: Got married/finally got my bachelors degree/got pregnant
    2009: Had Alexa!
    ~Kimberly & Eric~ April 21, 2008 ~Tensing Pen ~ Negril, Jamaica ~ My Blog: One Sunset at a Time
  • OOOO! This one looks like fun!!! 

    2000 - My first job, I lifeguarded at the local pool

    2001 - I went to my first college party.... and got caught by my parents!

    2002 - Graduated High School and started college that following fall

    2003 - Transfered college and started working for a law firm

    2004 - I turned 21 and moved into a townhouse with two of my highschool friends

    2005 - Started interning in the political field :-)

    2006 - I met DH, graduated college and worked on my first state-wide race

    2007 - Got engaged, got laid off

    2008 - I managed and won my first campaign and I became an aunt! Also moved :-)

    2009 - Got married to my bestfriend and got a promotion :-)

  • 2000: In college.. living it UP!
    2001: Graduated College, Moved to Chicago, went on Phish tour.
    2002: Moved home from Chicago.. HORRIBLE year.
    2003: Got my life back together, got a job, went back to school.
    2004: Started my current job, and used all my vacation time to jetset the globe following my favorite band.
    2005: Um... 2005...what did I do in 2005... I can't remember!
    2006:  Met FI
    2007:  Bought my house.
    2008:  Got engaged
    2009:  Planned my wedding...LOL...
  • very cool idea Natalie. like learning about all of you pre-TK :)

    2000: turned 17, and discovered vodka, and surfing had lots of fun in HS
    2001: turned 18, started senior year of HS, too much fun, got my first tattoo.
    2002: started college in Arizona, decided to move back to CA in December
    2003: started school in Santa Barbara,CA spent my first summer on Catalina Island, met some of my best friends in life.
    2004: bad year, bad relationship, but lived in a really cool house in Santa Barbara.
    2005: took a semister off school and lived on the island for the winter
    2006: Graduated college, moved back home to OC, started first job out of college, adopted my dog coco, and kitty sage, met now DH.
    2007: One of my Favorite years in life so far!!! Moved into an awesome house, worked 2 jobs, realy fell in love w/ DH- quit both jobs and moved to Costa Rica.

    2008: moved to Mexico, got engaged, came home from Mexico, started planning a wedding in the US.
    2009: started new job, which I love!!! Found out we would be having an lovely little girl!!, spent the summer in Mexico, Married the man of my dreams.

    2010- hopefully working on being an awesome Wife, Mommy and Nurse


    K+S 9.18.9 | DD #1 age 2 | PG # 5 EDD 9.17.12

  • FUN!!!!

    2000 - Traveled to Europe (France, Switzerland, Austria, and Italy)

    2001 - Turned 16!  LOL! 

    2002 - Went to China

    2003 - Became quite the teenage-angst-ridden-rebel, got in a lot of trouble, then cleaned up my act!

    2004 - Graduated High School... moved to Lubbock!  Adopted my furbaby Hula!

    2005 - Went to school, had my first internship over the summer. 

    2006 - Turned 21 - exciting.  Worked my butt off for a campus organization doing event planning... fell in love with event planning.  

    2007 - Interned that summer with the company I eventually went to work for after graduation.  Came back to school and met DH!

    2008 - Graduated Texas Tech, moved back to Dallas and started my big girl job!

    2009 - Got Maui'd!

    2010 - SO looking forward to this year... I want to be a great wife and make a great home for DH and me... hopefully in the city we want to be in.  Fingers crossed.  :-)

  • Reading all of your answers made me feel kind of old...

    2000: Lived in Vegas
    2001: Moved back to Philly, lived down the shore for the summer
    2002: Started work for a new company
    2003: Began dating a loser boyfriend, lived completely on my own (no roommates, etc.)
    2004: Ended relationship with said loser boyfriend after nearly 2 years
    2005: Left job I was miserable at and started working at my current job
    2006: Met DH, turned 30
    2007: Took 1st Sandals vacation to Jamaica
    2008: Got engaged in St. Lucia, moved in with DH
    2009: Got married and pregnant

  • 2000 - Lost my virginity

    2001 - got a new job at walmart

    2002 - had my first surgery on my back

    2003 - had my second surgery & graduated high school & met DH

    2004 - had a third surgery all on my back

    2005 - lived with my bestest bud

    2006 - graduated from university & moved in with DH

    2007 - graduated from college & got engaged

    2008 - moved into a house with DH

    2009 - got married and PG

    A & T Since 2009 Parents of A born July 2010
  • 2000: Graduated HS, started college
    2001: Partied a lot!!
    2002: Met DH
    2003: worked hard to improve my GPA and get experiences necessary for graduate school.

    2004: Graduated with my BA, started graduate school
    2005: First (of 3) trips to Hawaii with DH
    2006: Moved in with DH, Got engaged

    2007: Did summer internship in New Hampshire
    2008: Got married, moved to Maryland

    2009: Graduated with my PhD, started my first "real" job

  • Gosh, this makes me feel very old! 

    2000- Working at Pac Sun, 2 years out of HS

    2001- Moved to Cincinnati, turned 21, broke up w/ my ex (thank goodness, lol)

    2002- Lived by myself for the very 1st time and got my dog Kylie

    2003- Met Christian

    2004- Working at American Eagle, nothing to exciting

    2005- Started officially dating (yes it took that long, lol) Bought our 1st house

    2006- Graduated from college

    2007- Got engaged & bought a car for the 1st time on my own

    2008- Planned a wedding, lol

    2009-- Got married, got a real job I actually liked. This has been a great year =)

    Lisa & Christian ~ 4/18/09 ~ Sandals Negril, Jamaica

    Married Bio w/ For Sale!

    Planning bio with the Sandals/Beaches brides list

    My Travel Blog

  • 2000- Freshman/Soph year of college, joined a sorority, discovered frat parties and dated frat boys. 

    2001- Soph/Junior year of college, studied abroad in Scotland and traveled in Europe. AMAZING

    2002- Junior/Senior year of college, dated a loser, partied a lot, had a lot of self doubt and self worth issues

    2003- Graduated from college, moved back in with parents (ugh), met Steve

    2004- Started dating Steve, moved to Japan to teach English

    2005- Lived in Japan through August, while dating Steve long distance, moved back to the states and got a 'real job'.

    2006- Moved to the city on Jan 1. Got a job I loved in June. Went to Mexico with Steve (to the resort where we ended up having our wedding!) Moved in with Steve in September and adopted our cats, George and Stella. GREAT year.

    2007- Working working working, vacationed in Prague, got engaged in December

    2008- Planned a wedding, worked too much, got married, Torey's accident, moved to New Zealand.

    2009-- Spent first three months in NZ, back home in March, started nannying and thought about being a wedding photographer. Had a really hard time adjusting to me 'new life' until the fall when I felt like I was starting to come into my own with photography. Started TTC, got pregnant our second month! Best thing to happen all year.

    2010- Baby!! And hopefully a great year for my fledgling business 

    Siggy Deleted Due to Internet Stalking. Mama to Q, born July 2010
  • 2000: started dating HS boyfriend

    2001: got driver's license

    2002: graduated high school, dumped H.S. boyfriend for the 7th time, started college

    2003: bought my first car, a dodge neon

    2004: moved from Syracuse, NY to Charlotte, NC

    2005: met college boyfriend, got Padme (kitty)

    2006: bought my camaro

    2007: graduated college, started playing WoW, met DH but hated him (really really hated him)

    2008: start really talking to DH, and start "dating" then meet IRL and then get engaged

    2009: planning wedding and trying to sort out what to do with my life, also got legally married at the courthouse

    2010: finally getting married on the beach, hopefully getting an engineering job and TTC

  • 2000: Sophomore in college; bought my first brand new car; became an aunt for the first time

    2001: Married my high school sweetheart.  We were way too young.  I thought it was the "right" thing to do b/c we'd dated so long.  I'd like to forget this year!  Turned 21 that year. 

    2002: Went on a cruise for the first time---loved it!

    2003: Graduated college and landed my first teaching job!

    2004: My Pappaw died from a long battle with cancer.  Absolutely heartbreaking...

    2005: Had my "mid-20's crisis" and re-evaluated every aspect of my life.  Bad, bad year. 

    2006: My ex and I went our seperate ways, ammicably, at the beginning of the year.  I was alone for the first time in my whole life.  At the end of the year, DH moved back to Ohio from Georgia.  He heard I was newly single and called me.  We reconnected and the rest is history. 

    2007: DH and I bought a house together.  I graduated with my masters degree. 

    2008: DH and I got engaged!

    2009: DH and I got married in April and found out we were pregnant in August!

    2010:  We're having a baby! 

  • wow i kind of feel old too.  and i can't believe a whole decade has passed. feels like just yesterday we were all freaking out over Y2K LOL!

    2000- graduated high school & went to Hawaii for the first time

    2001- being in NY- this was just a shitty year

    2002- became an aunt to my gorgeous niece, Ellie

    2003- graduated with my B.A., lost about 60 lbs., broke up with loser b/f & started my M.S. Ed.

    2004- broke up with 2nd loser b/f, went to Hawaii for the 2nd time, met DH!, moved out of my parent's house

    2005- went on my first cruise w/ Chris- realized how much I loved to travel! ended up going on 3 cruises this year. finished grad school & landed my dream job. became an aunt again!! got our first puppy- Roxy!

    2006- moved in with Chris. Got engaged!! got our second puppy- Max!

    2007- bought our first home together! rid myself of toxic friends :) started wedding planning

    2008- what a great year. we were in our bff's wedding one week before we left for our DW- made for a crazy few months lol! had our cruise wedding- survived hurricane bertha, had an amazing honeymoon

    2009- Chris was at trainging for the first 5 months of the year. kind of started from scratch in regards to lots of things- hoping for a better '10 :)

  • 2000: Started dating my college sweetheart

    2001: Moved into my new condo in college without my brother :-)

    2002: Got mugged by 4 armed robbers in my own of the scariest things that has ever happened to me

    2003: Interned with the Forest Service in SD

    2004: Got married the first time around

    2005: Bought my house in PR

    2006: Got separated/divorced

    2007: Moved to MI and Met Nick :-)

    2008: Moved to Denver

    2009: Got Married!!!

    Anniversary Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • 2000: Graduated High School.  Started college and lived in my own apartment.  Got lonely and adopted Thelma (my kitty).

    2001: College, drinking, partying.  Broke up with my loser high school BF for the millionth but final time.  Started "hanging out" with DH on Saturday nights at 2am.

    2002: Rented a house with two girlfriends.  Sold my first car, bought a new one and totaled it 3 months later.  Started dating DH.

    2003: Turned 21!  Wow, it was great not to have to worry about using a fake ID anymore. 

    2004: Moved into a condo with one of my best friends.  Started my current job.

    2005: Bought my house and moved in with my parents during renovations.

    2006: Moved into the house and let DH come too :)  My best friend had a baby (I'm an only child so she is my "niece").

    2007: Umm, this year is sorta a blur.  Drinking? 

    2008:  Got engaged!  Had e-coli and had my first colonoscopy.  Lol.  Second "niece" was born.

    2009: Rescued Eastwood and her two sisters from our alley, got married, and DH's grandfather died. 

  • 2000: Fourth year in college, was a summer intern at my current employer, spent five weeks in Germany
    2001: Graduated college and started my job full time
    2002: Got my master's degree
    2003: Got out of a relationship and was single for the first time in a long time, bought my condo
    2004: Met my husband
    2005: Worked a lot at one of our plants during an installation and had an apartment there
    2006: DH and I bought our boat and property up north
    2007: Became engaged
    2008: Officially moved in with DH and planned our wedding
    2009: Got married  :)

  • Oh Fun!!!

    2000: in college! Partying with friends! Crashed my car into a tree on black ice
    2001: working 2 jobs & going to school, dating my loser ex bf
    2002: Graduated college, went on my 1st plane trip & 1st time out of the country to the Bahamas, turned 21, drank massive amounts of alcohol, dumped loser ex bf for DH
    2003: DH & I moved in to our apartment and went on our 1st vacation to Aruba, got our kitties from the MSPCA, lost my job at UPS b/c of Aruba vaca! LOL
    2004: Quit my job at the Credit Counseling place and started working at my current job!
    2005: BFF got married in Vegas, went to Cali
    2006: visited DH's dad in Switzerland, got promoted to Graphic Designer at work
    2007: 2nd trip to Aruba, went to Disney, bought my 4Runner
    2008: Went on our 3rd trip to Aruba, Got engaged, bought our 1st home
    2009: "the Year of the wedding" as my mom likes to call it! LOL. Lots of wedding functions, got married during our 4th trip to Aruba in November! :o)

  • it kills me that some of you say this makes you feel old when you graduated HS in the 2000's. DAMN I AM OLD.

    2000 - last year of college, had too much fun, think i gained like 20 lbs (yeah instead of the freshmen 15 i got the senior 20)

    2001 - Graduated college

    2002 - lots of partying, work, and realizing that the guy i had been with off and on through college was not going to be "the one"

    2003 - started current job and met DH

    2004 - started dating DH

    2005 - started the wedding circuit (i think we are up to 14 or 15 now)

    2006 - decided to buy home with DH

    2007 - got engaged

    2008 - wedding planning???

    2009 - got married

    June 13, 2009 ~ Ocho Rios, Jamaica
  • I LLLLLOVED reading this, girls!! We're so friggin' exciting!

    2000 - Partying away my 2nd year in college in Austin, TX

    2001 - Partied too hard and was forced by my parents to come home from college... lol.  Met an ex.

    2002 - Partied w/ex and friends and started to get serious about school

    2003 - graduated college 1 yr late, but still partied my ass off, broke up with ex, got my first real apartment! Started Grad School and began teaching in the NYC Dept of Ed

    2004 - sh!t, I partied REALLY hard this year... was in grad school and teaching, moved to 2nd, much more awesome apt., parents moved to NJ

    2005 - Graduated Grad School, met DH in Greece at 4am while partying...

    2006 - Partied my ass off with then BF (DH) and moved to Queens - into DH's apt.

    2007 - DH started his business, we moved to 2nd apt together (partying still going strong...)  Partied in Puerto Rico this year with my best girlfriends for BFFs bachelorette party

    2008 - Engaged while partying my @ss off =)  Slowed down the partying... major!

    2009 - Married, preggers, and NO MORE PARTYING! =(

    2010 - Anticipating the arrival of Baby K!

  • 2000: Brought in the New Year @ the Big Cypress Phish show - Phished around/ went to many music festivals - worked 2 jobs - Met BF's kids - realized I do NOT want kids - Swore-off ever getting married

    2001:  Broke up with BF (he wanted marriage & pretty certain he was a cheat too) - Started dating a not-so-nice guy who was still in love with his ex - Met my 4-legged BFF, Josie - Really started becoming a fan of the IRL circuit - First trip to Vegas - My bff kitty (Punkin) passed away

    2002: Not-so-nice guy & I broke up (he went on to marry his ex - and they are now divorced) - returned all of my Christmas gifts so I could go back to Vegas - Took 1st trip to AZ (Grand Canyon, Sedona, Flagstaff) - Tornado hit apt, had to move fast - Moved in w/ brand new BF "for a few weeks" 

    2003: Turned 30 - 1st trip to Bonnaroo - For the first time in 8 years I worked only 1 job - Went to the bar next door to BF's house a lot ("few weeks" we a longggg "few weeks!") - Hung out w/ BF's sister a lot because BF never-ever did anything with me & she lived next door

    2004: Went back to Bonnaroo - Realized it was time to get my own apt again - Found a new friend to go camping with (her hubby never did anything with her either) - Music festivals/ concerts - Lots of Crown Royal

    2005:  Met DH - DH moved in with me - Rented a little house - Went to the lake a lot

    2006:  DH & I took 1st trip out west together (AZ & NV) - Went to the lake every nice weekend - Lost job of 8 yrs (they moved ops)

    2007:  Went to the lake a lot - Rolled all of our change and bought our boat (we're both change-hoarders!) - Got new job - Got our own place at the lake - Got engaged

    2008: Moved into a bigger home - "fostered" our new 4-legged friend, Lucas (who is going no where!  He's now a momma's boy) - Began planning our wedding

    2009:  Scurried to finish wedding stuff - DIY's were coming out my butt - Got married - First trip for DH & I to go out of the country - fell in love with Jamaica

    *whew* that was kind of hard...I might have smoke pouring out of my ears from thinking so hard!  HA!

  • 2000: Started dating DH in my soph year of high school

    2001: went about my boring high school life

    2002: got my driver's license

    2003: graduated high school, went away to college in DC

    2004: changed majors, got engaged!

    2005: transferred to a new college

    2006: continued going to college, worked as a substitute in a school district

    2007: did my student teaching, graduated college,

    2008, bought a condo, bought a car, got a job, began planning our wedding

    2009: got married and had the vacation of a lifetime!!


    Wow I had some boring years in there - I hope I have some excitement ahead of me!

  • 2000: You don't even want to know where I was.  Eighth grade.  Haha...I did start my first job the summer after!  And I still work for the same non-prof (don't worry, I have a different job description now!)

    2001:  High School.  Had fun with my friends all the time, like 14 year olds normally do.  Went to homecoming with my boyfriend and regretted taking him...I hated clingly 15-year-old-boyfriends.  Ick.

    2002: Drove around with friends a lot.  That's all there was to do in our town.  School was always easy so nothing exciting there.

    2003: License.  Started talking to my friends ex (with her permission, of course!)  Was super depressed because all my friends were changing drastically and I thought about switching schools.  Oh, to have problems like this again...LOL.

    2004: Still with friends ex...until I had plans to hang out with her one night.  Before we left, she said she needed to talk to me.  Admitted she found out the night before that her current bf was cheating on her so she cheated on him with her ex (yea, that's right...)  I was so mad, I left her there and didn't talk to him for like a year.  Also started a teacher-prep class my senior year where I got to "teach" half day and taking my final HS classes the other half!

    2005:  Graduated High School and had LOTS of fun with my friends.  Met a great group of new friends who I constantly spent my time with.  Boy from above called to sincerely apologize.  I accepted and we talked a lot.  He was in the military so I visited him during Christmas break.  A week later...I met DH =)

    2006:  Dated DH, moved in together, got our first puppy (Lucy!), DH started his current job.

    2007:  Moved into a new apartment...hosted lots of parties for our friends.

    2008: Got engaged, bought our first house, drifted away from my best friend =(

    2009:  Lots of parties, Got married in Florida!  Student teaching & Graduation!

    2010: I start a new subbing job soon and DH can just enjoy life (now that I have time to!)

    Oh my...disclaimer...I feel like the youngest one so far.  I'm sure ppl on other boards would give me a "too young to be married" talk.  I never wanted to be married until I was 30 but I love DH so why wait? =)

  • 2000 - Partied my way through college in southern Missouri

    2001 - Partied, waited tables, partied, occasionally went to class

    2002 - Finally graduated with a Public Relations degree after 6 years of partying (um, I mean studying), my younger sister and I moved into a house together in St. Louis

    2003 - Explored STL, waited tables, partied more and "tried to find myself", met my ex-boyfriend of two years

    2004 - Tamed my wild ways down, jumped into the world of "grown up" jobs, moved into an apartment on my own, was on my way to marrying the ex which thankfully didn't happen

    2005 - Road to recovery from the horrible ex, spent lots of time with friends and enjoying being single and happy again (but wiser this time), met DH at a Halloween party

    2006 - Started my current job in marketing research (1st day was 9/11), moved in with DH, bought my 1st brand new car

    2007 ? Adopted our rescue kitty Sadie, began working a 2nd job at a bookstore to help pay off credit cards a.k.a. party debt.  Absolutely love the job, still work there and see an end in sight to the debt :)

    2008 - 30th birthday, engaged on July 3rd, found the DW girls!

    2009 - Wedding on October 21st, now relaxing and enjoying the married life

    2010 - Our hopeful, happy goals ~ buying a house & starting a family

  • I want to thank everyone for officially making me feel OLD!  Not only because you guys are so darn young but I can't remember 3 years ago let alone 10!

    2000 -  I've been racking my brain trying to think of something...I can't.

    2001 -  First AND Second trip to Vegas.  First dad wanted to take his little girl out for her last "family" vacation.  Not sure why he picked that year I've been out of the house and living with DH since 98.  2nd trip we won through DH's work and we left right after they allowed planes back in the air after 9/11...never seen Vegas so empty in my life.

    2002 - My first trip to Cali.  We won free plane tix our 2nd trip to Vegas so we chose to visit his aunt for 2 weeks...fell in love with it as soon as I got off the plane.  Surprise 50th birthday party for mom.

    2003 - The year I have my final breakdown and realized I needed to do something for myself.  DH ordered me the program that saved/changed my it just in time for Christmas and never looked back.  Also 50th birthday cruise for dad.

    2004 - DH's brother got married.

    2005 -  Bought timeshare in Vegas during our 3rd visit...guess we liked it huh?

    2006 - DH's brother's first child born...DH decides kids aren't so bad afterall since she has him wrapped around her little finger :)

    2007 - I start volunteering at the CT Humane Society as a "gift" for myself for continuing to do well with anxiety and also to grow in the same category.

    2008 - I turn 30...put together a spa day with friends and family and threw myself a party that night.  I wanted to enjoy my milestone and not hide from it.  Met Mel and Merrie and  I also FINALLY Got married after 13 years of waiting.

    2009 - Holy growth year for me!  I was a traveling fool!  Highlight of course being my first plane trip by myself allllll the way to cali (for a weekend) to meet up with and stay with strangers...yes Marelina and Ashely are STRANGE :P but I love them to death...first time wine tasting, first time having tapas (didn't know what they were), first time to San Fran.  Started my dip business and I actually have customers WOOHOO!

    2010 - Can't wait to see what it has to bring!

  • 2000: Finished freshman year of high school
    2001: nephew born (my sister's #3)
    2002: started dating now DH
    2003: got into trouble in high; nephew born (sister's #4)
    2004: Graduated HS & started college
    2005: worked and went to school, I had a boring life
    2006: Moved in w/ now DH, got a job w/ the Army Corps of engineers, started my dental assisting program
    2007: Graduated from assistant program, got new job, started more college classes; 2 nieces born within 2 weeks of each other; new nephew (sister adopted, Chad's now her #5)
    2008: Graduated college; got engaged!!
    2009: Got married!!
    Natalie and AJ~Nov. 5th, 2009~Kailua Beach, HI


    Started TTC Nov. 2011

    1st clomid cycle 50mg June 2012- No response :: HSG August 2012- Left tube blocked, right tube clear :: 2nd clomid cycle 100mg Aug. 2012 ovulated August 15th BFN :: 3rd clomid cycle 100mg Sept. 2012 ovulated Sept 17th :: BFP Sept 30th EDD June 13th 2013 *stick baby stick*
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