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How do you say Frappe?

I ordered one of these at McDonalds today - OMG, so good!

I say fra-pay.  But I saw a commercial today advertising a Frap maker - they said Frap like 10 times and that just sounds so wrong and a little stupid.  But, maybe I'm wrong and stupid - maybe the McDonalds cashier is judging me for saying fra-pay (or maybe she was judging me for using a free coupon).  

Re: How do you say Frappe?

  • I say fra-pay as well. (Fra like Jack not fray) 

    "Frap" sounds stoopid!!

  • It is most definitely a two-syllable word.  There should be an accent on the e, indicating that it is pronounced "ay". 

    Maybe pronouncing it "Frap" is part of the whole post 9-11 anti-French thing (Freedom Frap?).  Or maybe it's just part of McDonald's recent LAME anti-intellectual ("I don't know where Paraguay is!") campaign...kind of a "only snobs pronounce French words correctly" kind of deal? 

  • The McD's commercials say "frap-pay," which is how I say it.

    As for the commercial you saw, I'd think they were just shortening frappucino into frap.

  • the commercial I saw was for a Mr. Coffee machine http://www.mrcoffeecafefrappe.com/default.aspx but it just sounded so wrong the way they were saying it.

  • Hm, and according to Wikipedia (reliable source?), "frappe" (pronounced "frap") is a New England word for a milkshake, so...??
  • In Boston, it was most definitely "Frap."  I've never heard it pronounced "fra-pay" but I really love learning all the little differences between New England and the rest of the country :)
  • It actually was annoying me to hear the girl in the commercial pronounce it "Frap-pay" as my for my whole life it's only been pronounced "frapp". That's how I found this thread... Googled the pronunciation of it related to the commercial. I think it's an age/generation thing. I'm 46 and it's only with these new commercials that it's now being pronounced as "frap-pay". We actually used to make fun of people who pronounced it that way... Grew up in CT, moved to MA in my 20's, then to NH in my 30's. So as ToBeMrs.O2011 says, most likely a New England thing...
  • Sorry, forgot to say that it's definitely NOT a 9/11 thing, been around as long as I've been alive and most likely long before I was born.
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