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Christmas Brunch Ideas, please

I'd like to host a brunch around 1:00 Christmas Day. So far, here's what I have for menu ideas. What else should I consider? Also, please help with fun holiday drink ideas!

Monte Cristos

White Lasagna

Tomato Egg Bake

Belgian Waffles & all the fixins

Hot Cocoa

Coffee & tons of flavored creamers, whipped cream & toppings

Egg Nog

Cranberry Juice Cocktail

Pumpkin Pie

Various Cookies

Fig Cheese cake bites

Any other ideas? I feel like the menu is a little sparse.

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Re: Christmas Brunch Ideas, please

  • I don't really think you need anything other than fruit. Menu looks good.

    If you feel like you still need something else, what about sausage or bacon?

  • image SA7206:

    I don't really think you need anything other than fruit. Menu looks good.

    If you feel like you still need something else, what about sausage or bacon?

    I also think your meal sounds good, but another protein for those who are eating breafasty foods would be good - sausage or bacon

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  • Unless your family is made up of very late risers, 1 pm is way late for brunch.  My ILs will have been up for 8 hours, we will have been up for 6 hours...breakfast will have already come and gone for us.  Even if folks get up at 9 or 10, it's hard to hold on for 3 or 4 hours for the first meal of the day.

    There aren't any fruits or veggies on the list.  How you serve the F&V depends on whether you would change the time of the meal to fit brunch or the contents of the menu to fit its time.

  • I agree with the poster who said to have bacon or sausage. I would have one or two more savory or salty dish to compliment your "sweets" or replace one sweet with a savory.
  • Everything sounds fantastic!  However, there are a lot of sweet items and few savory.  I would agree w/ the peeps to add some meat (bacon/sausage/ham) also some skillet or roasted potatoes.  Maybe a mimosas or bloody mary and some croissants or english muffins w/ butter and jam. 

    1 pm does seem a little late...unless you have a specific reason for chosing this time.  I typically do brunch around 11ish. 

    Good luck and have lots of fun!Big Smile

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  • A great sausage dish we like to use in my family is sausage casserole. Very easy! Press one can of crescent rolls in bottom of 9x13 pan, pinching the seams together to form solid crust. Brown and drain 1 lb sausage. Mix drained sausage with 8 oz cream cheese until uniform mixture. Put this on top of crescents. Place another layer of crescents on top of sausage cream cheese mixture, sealing as before. Cook according to crescent directions.
  • Mimosas are always a huge hit for drinks!
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