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ISO bite-size sweets

Ok, entertaining girls, hit me with the best you've got.  I asked this question on What's Cooking and the answer was "brownies".  Weak! Wink  That's what I get for being unfaithful! lol

For Christmas at MIL's, there will be 35 people, but they fill up on dinner and don't really "save room for dessert" like my family always does lol. 

In past years, I've made gorgeous fruit galettes, cheesecakes, chocolate cakes and they haven't even been half finished, even with all those guests!  So this year I'm taking a different tack - small finger desserts that people can just walk by the sideboard and pick up one or two of. 

So far I have:

- a chocolate-covered toffee recipe (posted below)

- sugared pecans

- I can't decide between this pecan pie bar recipe and this pecan pie tart recipe - which do you think?

And what else are your suggestions? :)

Re: ISO bite-size sweets

  • choc. covered preztel sticks. You can put food coloring in the choc, and do red and green dipped, and you can roll them in colored sugar sprinkles!!! and them stand them up in a pretty glass!
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  • what about mini candy canes dipped in chocolate?  or peppermint bark? 


  • These shortbread bites are perfect for anyone with no room left.  They are so tiny.  I can eat them like popcorn! Embarrassed  They offer a bit of C'mas color without having to decorate cookies.
  • Oreo truffles are a big hit with my family. 

    Also, I make "chocolate hugged" pretzels.  On a foil-lined cookie sheet, spread out mini pretzel twists on a baking sheet.  Place an unwrapped herseheys hug on each twist.  Bake at 350 for about 2-3 minutes and use an m and m to smush down each hug onto each pretezel.  Freeze the tray for about 15 minutes until set.  Yummy and bite sized!

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  • mini red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

    What about making the pecan pie tart as bite-sized tartlets?  Or bite sized cheesecakes?  I found  this when I looked for miniature deserts.  It may give you some other ideas. 


  • I'd go with a chocolate fondue and items for diping.  For the dipping items I would go heavy on the fruit - people could even just eat the fruit if they wanted.

    Are your IL's into nuts?  It seems like alot of pecans to make the sugared pecans AND either recipe that you have listed.  Personally, i'd make the sugared pecans and then do some sort of krumka (sp?) - very light, crepe like things.  I believe that they might be Norweigan? 

    Another option that does include nuts are Russian Teacakes (Mexican Wedding Cakes) is what the Betty Crocker cookbook calls it. 

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  • The pecan bites looks delish in that photo!  Would probably make an impressive display as well.  
  • Chocolate covered strawberries!
  • I was more impressed with my pecan tarts than bars.
    They tasted fine...just not impressed.

    I just made gourmet dipped pretzel sticks.
    I am working on a blog post with pictures...I should be able to have up soon.

  • Here is the recipe...you can break the rods in half before you coat them to get a more bite sized portion.


  • You could do mini trifles in shot glasses. Layer brownies, pudding, cool whip and crushed candy bar for a chocolate one, pound cake, strawberries and cool whip fo another, etc.
  • I have instruction on how to make s'more pops on my blog! (link in siggy) they are so cute

    or about about little chocolate cups filled with fruit. My mom makes these for parties and they are so cute

    Mini cheesecakes? You could make them in a mini muffin tin

  • I make tartlets using mini muffin pans and a crust that has cream cheese, flour and I think margarine as the only ingredients.  Really good though.

    I've done lemon, pecan, pumpkin and cherry in the past--just use regular pie stuffing, but cut ingredients into smaller pieces as needed (especially for pecan.)

  • i made these last night and my co-workers went bonkers over them. and i used Market Pantry (target) brownie mix. either they have lame palates or the combo is a winner!



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