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Where do you buy your (designer) jeans?

When I lived in Dallas I had a girl at Neiman's that I went to, but that's a long drive for just a pair of jeans now. She was awesome- she'd take one look at you, ask what you were looking for then bring half a dozen jeans to the dressing room that pretty much all looked great.

My body has changed slightly since having DD, so while my old jeans are okay I'd really like one pair (okay, 2 pairs) of really great great fitting jeans and it's been so long since I've had to buy any that I'm pretty out of touch with how certain labels fit.

So, rec the place/person you go to for great jeans help!


Oh, I've been to Hem but they really weren't that helpful (ex: they brought me Joe's Honey [curvy fit] when I have a more Twiggy [long legs, little waist definition, flat butt] body) but that was 3 years ago so they might be better now.

I've also bought cheaper jeans like Calvin Klein and Target but they were never right so I've given them all away.



Re: Where do you buy your (designer) jeans?

  • lol  i guess i'm no help because when i read the title of your post, my first answer was "ebay!"  i love dkny and lucky jeans, and i know they fit, so i buy pairs relatively cheaply off ebay.
  • I usually just get Ann Taylor and Lucky jeans from the SM outlet.  They also have Joes, 7FAM, and I don't remember what else down there. 

    As far as having phenomenal customer service and great assistance staff, I love going to Nordstrom at Barton Creek.  It's been my go-to for for bras, cocktail dresses, etc. as far as getting someone knowledgeable to help me out.  I went jeans shopping with a friend awhile back and she had great assistance as well in that department.

  • Have you tried Neiman's, Saks, or Nordstrom here?
  • there's a Joes at the SM outlet?! holy hell. bad news for our checkbook!

    TJ-Maxx! Sometimes... I've been able to buy Joes, 7s at TJ-Maxx. Oh and Lucky jeans either at the outlet or Stein-Mart!

    Oh and Nordstrom Rack. 

    If I was willing to pay full price, I'd hit up Nordstrom

  • image flymansWife:

    If I was willing to pay full price, I'd hit up Nordstrom

    this.  or if you are willing to sift, I've seen quite a few at the marshall's in arbor walk and I'm sure nordstrom rack has a good selection.

    merry everything!
  • I haven't tried anywhere here except Hem, because I really haven't had to find a new style.

    I would be willing to sift, if I knew what brand/fit I was looking for.

  • image ssinca:
    image flymansWife:

    If I was willing to pay full price, I'd hit up Nordstrom

    this.  or if you are willing to sift, I've seen quite a few at the marshall's in arbor walk and I'm sure nordstrom rack has a good selection.

    This!  I like nordstrom b/c they'll do free alterations (which is a must for me for length).  The girls who have helped me in the past have done a great job finding jeans that fit me well.

  • Definitely recommend Nordstrom's like the others.  Just got a new pair yesterday.  They are helpful, knowledgeable, and the free hem alteration is great!  They also have the widest selection of brands to pick from, so you can get a good sense of what brand you prefer for sifting later at the bargain shops.  Good luck!
  • The one pair I have are from Designers Exchange =) The people working there are not exceptionally helpful in the fitting department though, being a resale shop and all. And of course, now I have a perfect pair of jeans that were apparently not only made in Canada but also discontinued.
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  • I try them on at Neimans - all by myself - and then I buy them online.  Usually
  • I lost a bunch of weight and rewarded myself with new designer jeans. I went to Nordstrom at BC Mall, told the saleslady what style, color, etc, and she brought like 20 pairs to the dressing room for me! Great service, and I LOVE my jeans-- and free alterations like pp said.
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  • For great service, Nordstrom. I LOVE that store for their customer service.
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  • I haven't paid full price for a designer denim in a long time. I always check out TJMaxx, Marshalls first. I bought two pairs of 7FAM and Rock and republic last week all half the price to 75% off the retail. Last Call NM is good, too.


  • nordstrom's does free personal shopping and the sales girls there are usually really good about finding what should fit you.


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