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Ryan Homes


My husband and I are considering building with Ryan homes.  I have received mixed reviews on Ryan homes but have received only positive feedback from those that have built in the last couple years.  Any informatoin would be appreciated!


Re: Ryan Homes

  • We know family who built with Ryan and had some minor problems, but others in their plan had major problems.  I am also a friend with someone who worked for NVR mortgage (Ryan's agency) and she didn't recommend them.  In our research, the majority of complaints were about NVR. 

    A good friend's husband is a builder and doesn't recommend them; he said that their work tends to fall apart within a few years.  We did meet with them just to check out their pricing and it was high; in some aspects, it was even higher than the "best" builder around here. We didn't end up going with Ryan.

    Overall, some people have no issues and some have a ton. I've heard it comes down to the site manager and how good he or she is. But truthfully, I'm glad we went with someone else so we don't have to worry about it. Good luck to you!

  • We just built with Ryan and moved into our home a little more than two weeks ago.  We had a few minor problems but overall had a great experience and love our new home. 

    If you have any specific questions, feel free to page me.

  • Thank you so much for this information!! I appreciate it!
  • We went with another builder, K. Hovnanian, with our home purchase. However, a few months later Ryan Homes purchased the remaining lots in our neighborhood and started building. The model home was built next door to our house. Overall, having Ryan Homes building in our neighborhood has not been a good experience, IMO. Here is a c&p of my response to a previous post about Ryan Homes:

    We built our home in 2007-2008 through KHov. Because sales were slow, Ryan Homes has bought up the remaining lots and are now building in our neighborhood. I love our KHov home. The floor plan (Buchanan) is incredibly efficient and our maintenance people are awesome. The options for the exteriors were not as extensive as I may have liked - and they weren't willing to allow us to get a porch and have siding instead of stone for a savings, for instance - but I was overwhelmed - in a good way - with the interior options. We got to pick anything and everything - from carpet padding to faucets, and doing so was about a 6 week process between the first time we looked around the design center to the time where we finalized everything. We have now been in our home for over a year and a half and are still SO pleased with the people and the experience, as well as our choice in home.

    I have now been in all of the Ryan Homes floorplans in our neighborhood and they are incredibly INefficient, IMO. Open 2-story foyers, 2 story family rooms, open walkways on the 2nd floor from the master bed/bath area to the other bedrooms. It is all space that can not be used but needs to be heated and cooled. It seems like all the doors are at weird angles as well, which would be hard to get furniture in and out. There are a lot of exterior options, but I have seen the design center and their interior options are less than half of what KHov offers, as far as I can tell. However, because of their lower base price, they are selling like hotcakes. They are also being built at about twice the speed of our KHov home, since they're only assembled, not built, on-site and THAT bothers me. The only pre-assembled parts of our home were the roof trusses.

    I should also add that every salesperson I have encountered is clueless. When RH purchased the remaining lots, there was one vacant next to our house. They put the model there. On Mother's Day, my mom & MIL were visiting and wanted to see it. We went over and the salesperson tried to sell us, give us literature, even though I mentioned we lived "next door". What does next door mean to you? I had to tell him, "we live at X (our street name), this home would be Y (street name)" and he was still confused. Not to mention I had seen this particular guy a dozen times b/c I walk my dog each morning at the same time he is coming to work. I feel the people purchasing these homes and moving in are getting "less" (quality) when I'm sure they feel they're getting "more" (bigger home, less $$).

    However, buying and especially customizing a home is an extremely personal thing. For you, Ryan Homes may be the best choice. Only you will know.

  • I don't have alot of experience with Ryan Homes but I know the neighborhood by us was Beazer Homes and they were really nice homes with lots of "looks" on the exterior. About a year ago- Ryan bought the remaining lots and the entire subdivision went nuts because of this. They were not and are not happy (I believe they even picketed). Unfortunately, don't think I've really ever been in one though. We built with another builder.

  • I might not be much help since I just started the process with Ryan, but so far we've really enjoyed it. Our sales rep was very knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful and it's great to be able to pick what you want in your home. I know there are mixed reviews out there, but I think it's important to talk to other people in your area that have a Ryan home. The quality of work will mainly rely on the subcontractors which are obviously specific to your area.

    If you do decide to go with Ryan, I'd recommend trying to get some upgrades thrown in for free. It's the end of the year which means everyone's trying to hit their quotas :)

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