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$15-20 gender (and age) neutral gift ideas?!

My family does a Yankee Swap every year at Christmas. Up until this year, it's been my aunts and uncles and the adult cousins who participate in this, while the younger kids pick names and buy for just one cousin.

This year, they're including all my younger cousins in the swap too. My youngest cousin is 9 (almost 10). Then, there are 3 in high school, and one in her first year of college as well.

Fortunately, the babies will just be getting a little something and we don't have to consider the infants/toddlers in this exchange.

But, now that we've added kids to the mix, I'm having a harder time picking gifts. Any and all suggestions are welcome! I just don't want to get a gift that is obviously for adults and have my poor 9-yo cousin end up getting stuck with it. I'm guessing it will likely be a big GC year!


Re: $15-20 gender (and age) neutral gift ideas?!

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