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Bar Keepers Friend vs. Comet

Is there a difference?  I've always used Comet, (guess because that's what my mom's always used).  I saw BKF at the store and noticed it's in the same container but is more expensive. 

Re: Bar Keepers Friend vs. Comet

  • I use BKF for stainless steel stuff and Comet for bathroom stuff.  I haven't examined their makeup, but I didn't think they were the same thing.
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  • From my understanding:

    Comet=lots of icky chemicals that are not healthy

    BKF= no hazardous chemicals, environmentally safe product

    They are both abrasive cleaners.  I personally use BKF in an effort to be greener and because my skin is very sensitive to lots of chemicals.  I'm not sure where you live but I get it at Target for under $2.  HTH!

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  • They have different active ingredients.  Comet's is sodium dichloro-s-triazinetrione dihydrate (which I think is the chlorine bleach?), Barkeeper's Friend's is oxalic acid, and another alternative, Bon Ami, uses sodium carbonate, calcium carbonate, and feldspar. 

    It says scratch-free on the package, but I personally found Comet to be "scratchier" than Bon Ami.  I've never used BKF. 

    Both Bon Ami and Barkeeper's Friend are more environmentally friendly than Comet, but according to this article, Bon Ami is the more EF of the two:  It also says BKF cuts grease better, but Bon Ami rinses cleaner. 

    Plain ol' baking soda also works well as an abrasive cleaner. 

  • I keep hearing on these boards how great BKF is, and found a place that sells it (I;m in Canada)...  I haven't used it yet, but the fact that it is greener and safer is what sold me to try it.  Ill be using it on pots.  And i personnaly don't use comet...i cant take the chemical smell.
  • I heard about BKF from these boards too and I'm so glad I did because it is great to use.  Unfortunately, I can't find Bon Ami anywhere around my area to try.
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  • I mostly use Bar Keepers Friend because it removes rust. Comet is mostly used for it's bleaching action. I don't really buy Comet, but I have some laying around from when someone stayed with us.

    I use BKF a lot more.

  • imo they are totally different.  I find BKF to be better at getting my sink clean and I can use it on my anodized pots. 

    I use comet on my toilet.  

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