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recommend your drugstore tooth whitening kit/program

I keep meaning to do this and then I buy a kit, use it for a few days and then stop.

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Re: recommend your drugstore tooth whitening kit/program

  • I've always liked plain old Crest Whitestrips.  GoSmile is also really good -- think you can get them at Sephora.
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  • Not a kit, but Arm and Hammer Whitening tooth paste has done wonders for my teeth.  It doesn't taste plesant, but it works pretty good!
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  • I got mine at bath and body works. its called SuperSmile..its toothpaste...WORKS GREAT!
  • Another not a kit/program...just plain old baking soda (wet your toothbrush, dip it in the baking soda, brush).  My sister even used to add lemon juice and her teeth are like Regis Philbin white. 

    eta: I have always found with the strips that my teeth really hurt after a few days of doing it...but that's just me!

    ~ Mark & Chrissy ~ June 9, 2007 image
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  • I like Crest White strips & the listerine rinse (though this takes a while to take effect.)  Ditto the recc on the arm & hammer toothpaste as well, but like baking soda this can be abrasive and wear down your enamel- and the whitening toothpaste isn't great for your gums either- it can help cause gum recession.

    Chrissy- re: teeth sensitivity when you are using the white strips- do you drink OJ in the morning?  For some reason if you drink OJ it makes your teeth a lot more sensitive.  I did nightwhite (dentist makes trays and then you use prescription stuff for 2 weeks @ night and it works really well) years ago and had to stop drinking OJ while I did it. 


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  • I've used Go Smile and it works really well with no sensitivity that I've experienced.  
  • To get my teeth extra clean and white, I use the same method as Chrissy with baking soda.  It works well.  I have also found that flossing every day has done wonders for me.

    I also use Crest whitestrips but only one strip per day because they can make my teeth sensitive.

    My sweet boy
  • You know what really works. I buy toothpaste with baking soda and peroxide in it. Everytime...I mean everytime I go for my check up they ask if I whiten my teeth and I say "nope."
  • hmmm - yeah, I use the baking soda and peroxide toothpaste and they still aren't very white.  I may try the plain baking soda. 
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