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Best place to buy Origins products?

My SIL's list contains some origins products.  I tried Macy's.  Anyone know of a place that sells more products and hopefully at a less price?  Macy's had 2 of the 4 things she wanted.

Re: Best place to buy Origins products?

  • I always buy my Origins stuff online...I don't know it's cheaper, but sometimes they email me with good sales and freebies.
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  • I've been finding some Origins products at TJ Maxx, but you'd have to be willing to get whatever they have at the time.

    Finding it at discount prices aren't easy. Like pp said, their online shop is a good place to go. Also, Dillards usually has Origins.

  • just fyi- the only thing i currently use from origins is their pinch your cheeks gel blush but i use a lot of it and i found that it is $11 at origins and $10 at macy's. it's only $1 difference but that makes me wonder if some of their other products have different prices, too.
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  • If you have a Cosmetic Company Outlet near you, it will have Origins, but their inventory is unpredictable (but, a great price). There isn't a website for CCOs, but if you google, you can find lists of locations (usually in outlet malls). They have other brands (MAC, Clinique, Estee Lauder). They are nice if you can find one.
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