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how far in advance do you make pies?

I am making a pecan pie for Thursday. I can't remember if in previous years I made pies on Tuesday night or Wednesday night...

Do you think if I made it tomorrow it'd be okay for Thursday, or would it get gummy?

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Re: how far in advance do you make pies?

  • You'll be fine. My MIL was making pies last Wednesday for a Thanksgiving we had on Sunday.

    They were great as always. She said her secret is to keep them REALLY cold. She always sets hers in her unheated garage on top of the freezer.

  • Making them on Tuesday will be fine.
  • I think pecan pie will be fine for 2-3 days.  If it was a fruit pie I would say wait till the Thursday. 
  • Either Tues or Wed would be fine. I'm making my almond peach pie on Wednesday night...mostly just so that I don't have to deal with it on Thursday morning!
  • I do my pies on Wednesday.
  • I think tomorrow would certainly be fine! I actually baked a pecan pie tonight for Thursday.

    Last year I baked it about 3 days before Thanksgiving and it turned out just fine.

  • I'm making mine tomorrow night. I make 2 pumpkin double layers and 2 raspberry cheesecake pies. One of each goes to work with me on Wednesday for our lunch and the other 2 go to mom's for T-day. I just don't want to be making pies 2 nights in a row, especially when they are the same type. I think you'd be fine in making them tomorrow.
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  • I used to work for a bakery and they would make some of their more-requested pies up to a week in advance (pecan, apple).  Just keep it cold.

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