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How much bacon?

My mom has asked me to make bacon for Thanksgiving (we do brunch). How much do you think I need for 20 people?

There will be other things there: sausage, liver pudding, hashbrowns, etc...

Re: How much bacon?

  • Answer: You can never have enough bacon.

    I'm curious about this liver pudding??

  • Can I come?

    3 slices per person. You can't have too much bacon.

  • image emolloy:

    Answer: You can never have enough bacon.

    I'm curious about this liver pudding??

    It's only the most amazing breakfast "meat" ever.

    Neese's Products Page

    It's like hot dogs though... you don't want to know what's in it.

    You just slice it up and fry it til it's golden brown.

    You can also slice it up and eat it on a sandwich without frying (it's already cooked).

  • image AnKa:

    Can I come?

    3 slices per person. You can't have too much bacon.

    See that's what I keep thinking... I can't have too much, but I can have too little!

  • We get thick-cut bacon at the meat counter. I usually get 1 lb. I think 1 lb is about 12-16 slices. When he is eating bacon by itself, my DH can eat about 4-6 slices average. For 20 ppl, with other food, maybe 2lb bacon?
  • OMG - Liver mush! I saw that on Andrew Zimmern. He was saying there are some who eat it with grape jelly and some that eat it with mustard?
  • I would do 3 slices per person + add a bit.


  • I think 3 slices is appropriate.


    But can I come???  That breakfast sounds delish (and I like liver pudding - sosume!)


  • 3 - 4 slices per person, plus several slices for me to eat while I'm cooking it. 

    Better to err on the side of having too much, and leftover bacon keeps really well. 

  • depends who is coming.  If my boyfriend is attending... at least 5-6 slices per person.  nah, if we attended a breakfast cooked by someone else, he would be polite and only take 4 slices max. 

    you probably know this, but I didnt know it until earlier this year, but you can put a lot of bacon in the pan at the same time overlapping each other becuase after it starts cooking, it shrinks up a lot. 

  • I have no idea, but congrats on entering the 2nd Tri Party!!!.
  • People in my family like their bacon.  3 slices per person would be laughable!  I'd go for more rather than less - 2 or 3 lbs.  If there's any left over, you can always freeze it.
  • I'd cook three to four pounds.  My people are gluttons for bacon.

    I'd also make some candied bacon.  And bacon wrapped dates.

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