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CPAP machine question....

anyone have any idea what the copays are for these machines? DH is going to be fitted for one, and i'm just curious what the fees will be.... I know each insurance is different, but i just figured i'd ask to see if anyone knows a general amount? Thanks.

Re: CPAP machine question....

  • It really does depend on your insurance.  Dan did the sleep study and was diagnosed with moderate apnea.  He was told, with HMO Blue, that we had to pay 1/2, which was over $700.  But yet, my uncle who has a CPAP and swears he has several friends who also have the CPAP and HMO Blue says they paid nothing.  So we're confused.  Dan needs it desperately but $700 is a big pill to swallow.  Call your insurance company and find out.  I have a feeling you're not going to get an accurate answer in here.
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  • Ditto what Pam said; call your insurance and ask them.  DH has one - I really don't think he paid much when he got it about 4 years ago.  He had great insurance with BCBSRI.  He's needed replacement parts every so often (you need to replace certain parts after so many months of use...), and I believe there was a small fee each time.

    Now that he's on my insurance (which sucks), I'm sure it will be a lot more expensive.  I can tell you that he got some replacement parts last year sometime, and the charges I see in my insurance are a total of $723... we never got a bill from the medical equipment place, so I have no idea exactly what each charge is for.  But, ouch.  That's a lot.

    So yeah, check with your insurance...

  • Definitely call up the member services number on the insurance that covers him.  Depending on whether or not they consider it DME (durable medical equipment), it could vary widely.  At the very least, at least you'll know so you can budget it into your FSA (if that's something that's offered).
  • I have a bi-pap machine, pretty much the same thing as a c-pap.  My insurance policy covers $1500 a year in durable medical equipment, but the machine cost more than that.  The insurance company wouldn't let me get it from an online retailer where they were much cheaper.  I had to get it from a pre-approved supplier where they were WAY more expensive.  I ended up paying about $500 out of pocket for it.

    I have a mild case of sleep apnea, but it really did work and helped me sleep much better.  I haven't used it since I got pregnant and had to start sleeping on my side though.  When I sleep on my side, the mask doesn't seal to my face and doesn't work. 

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