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Neighborhood Question

Hey there! I'm new to the C-bus board. I grew up east of Columbus, and never really had the opportunity to explore the city while I was living with my parents. After college, DH and I moved to TX, and now we've moved back. We're living in the Columbus/Gahanna area now and renting.

I think we're curious about buying a home soon, and with the extension of the new buyer's credit until April 30, 2010, I want to look around a bit. I'd like to be putting my money into a mortgage...not rent. We like where we are: good access to major highways, a good amount of trees (a big one for me), 15 minutes from downtown...but I wonder about which neighborhoods you like?

I'm concerned about safety (because like *every* city, Columbus has its pockets), good schools (because once we buy, we probably wouldn't sell for awhile and kids are in our future), access to a park or a good amount of green space, not too busy or loud...

I don't mind if its inside the outer belt or outside, just looking for your opinions about where I could be looking on real estate webpages.


Re: Neighborhood Question

  • I teach in Gahanna and they have really good schools.  It made the list of top 100 places to live.  So if you like where you are, I know there are a ton of things on the market there.


    Other great neighborhoods are Worthington and Grandview.

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  • I would skip Grandview.  I lived there for a couple years and it's not that great. Some of the homes are gorgeous but really expensive.  It's mostly young couples and college kids, so a lot of the housing is rentals.  The traffic there is horrendous at all hours of the day - enough that we decided to move.  The school system isn't that great there either.  They do have the cute little "strip" of downtown but outside of a couple restaurants there's nothing there to do. 

    I would go for Worthington, Westerville, Upper Arlington or Gahanna.  You should spend some time in the areas you're looking at, go check out the library, parks, restaurants. 

  • Thank you! These were the areas I was thinking about, and we do like Gahanna...we just do not like renting. TY for suggestions!
  • hello! HB and I just bought a house in Gahanna. We weren't originally looking in that area (rented in Polaris), but found an older neighborhood called Cherry Bottom Village off Morse Road that was in our price range. We have Gahanna zip code but Westerville Schools. Easy access to Easton and 270 and like 10-15 minutes from city. The neighborhood is nice for us as we live on a cul-de-sac and has older ppl/families in the neighborhood. I have a really good realtor that helped us find this house for us if interested. good luck and happy hunting.
  • Hi! I would agree with the PP on those neighborhoods and would like to throw another neighborhood into the mix. We live in Harrison West (which is the neighborhood directly west of Victorian Village) and love it. We have very few rentals on our street, are within walking distance to just about everything you could ever want or need, have lots of trees and an active, diverse community and the home owners are mainly young professional couples. Also, there are some great condos in the neighborhood if you are interested in that, too. Good luck in your search!
  • We are also planning to resume our house search (DH's job was a bit unstable for a while). He works in Newark and we currently rent in Westerville on the border with New Albany. We will be looking in eastern Westerville, New Albany and northern Gahanna. Preferring non-Columbus schools. I'd love to live in Worthington, or something closer to downtown, but DH's commute just won't allow. Good luck!
  • wow...there are so many people close to Gahanna on here! I also live in Gahanna. I agree, it is a great community.

  • We bought our house about a year and a half ago and realized that taxes in the burbs can be outrageous. What we focused our search on was finding a good school district in the burbs with Columbus taxes. We are in the Polaris area and have Columbus taxes, Worthington Schools, and a Westerville mailing address. Other areas are in the Dublin school district or Hilliard schools that you can find Columbus taxes. It really makes a big difference!!! I spent hours on searching for houses!!!

     I've lived on all parts of the city (Grandview, Pickerington, Dublin, New Albany, and now Westerville/Worthington) I loved all of them, but where I am now is the best. So close to everything at Polaris: shopping, restaurants, etc.


  • Thank you, ladies. We're renting now, and probably will continue to do so for another year. I've found that tax rates inside 270 are also pretty bad depending on where you are.

     I will continue to look, but thank you so much for your input!

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