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Is it Mischief Night tonight (or similar) where you live?

I'm in northern NJ - and here, Oct 30th is Mischief night- where kids/teens go out and do naughty stuff... usually not so bad - just TPing trees, houses, cars.... soaping windows... sometimes it's worse like egging houses, smashing pumpkins, etc.

We used to love mischief night as kids! Never did anything bad- mostly just TPing stuff.

Do you have it? Where do you live? What is it called?

Re: Is it Mischief Night tonight (or similar) where you live?

  • no. I've actually never witnessed TPing, even, in all the places I've lived.
  • We had it in the burbs of northern DE but it was bad - mostly teens stealing pumpkins and throwing them at mailboxes, doors, etc.


  • Yes its mischief night here in Westchester County, NY. I never took part in it, but a huge majority of the things done are eggings and shaving cream incidents..my older sis use to come home when we were younger covered in shaving cream lol.
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  • Never heard of this.  Interesting.

    Where I grew up "mischief night" was whenever someone had a sleepover.  Stick out tongue

  • I grew up in the Detroit area, where we had Devil's Night.  In Detroit proper they burn down abandoned houses and whatnot, but in the 'burbs we just mostly rang doobells and ran away Big Smile

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  • I grew up in upstate NY, I think it was called cabbage night?  I never took part.  I remember eggings, smashed pumpkins etc.
  • When devils night was out of control in Detroit the burbs would have houses TP'd or egged occasionally. I'm really worried about it this year in the city- there are so many abandoned houses and there are almost no volunteers this year to patrol. Arson has been a huge problem in the past. We'll see what happens.
  • Where I grew up we saved the smashing of pumpkins for the houses who (foolishly) decorated but did not hand out candy or those "take one" houses (which I'm convinced never had candy to start with).

    We didn't TP much. Sticking a jumbo bag of plastic forks in someones front lawn so the ground to freeze up around them was more popular b/c it was harder to clean up.

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  • Yes, we have it, though I forget what, if anything happened last year. I know DH's car got egg'd once but not sure if that's when it was.

    I suggested we sit out front with some hot cocoa and chit-chat so they know we're watching :).

  • Yep, it's mischief night around here.  Usually there are a couple incidents that you hear of but nothing too crazy.  Mostly smashing pumpkins, but sometimes the occasional tp'ing of yards or egging.
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  • image IrishBrideND:
    no. I've actually never witnessed TPing, even, in all the places I've lived.

    Wow. We get a house in our neighborhood TP'ed at least once a month. 

    I've never heard of this mischief night thing.

    Our favorite pastime as bored kids was rounding up traffic cones and leaving them all over someone's lawn. We thought we were genius the night we discovered we could fit more in my trunk if we stacked them. But the blinking A-frames are the best, you just have to move quickly before it wakes someone up.

    Once we stuck panty liners to the side of a girl's car, all on the opposite side from the door of the house so she'd get in and drive away and never notice.  

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  • I grew up in northern NJ, and there were always some pumpkins smashed, but not much else.

    Our neighborhood here in DE hasn't had many issues with it that I remember.

    Happy Spring!.
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