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How long are onions good for unpeeled?

How do you tell if they are bad?  I'm debating on whether to buy a big onion or a bag of the small onions.  How long are they good for once they've been chopped up?

Re: How long are onions good for unpeeled?

  • I don't know the 'official' method but I've had them at least two weeks with no problems. I love onions though so they're lucky if they're around that long.

    If I'm not going to use the chopped ones within a few days I freeze them. They freeze pretty well actually.

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  • they last a while whole, months. They will get soft spots and dark looking through the peel when they are bad. Sometimes they will sprout and not be soft, in that case you have to cut it open and find out. The biggest problem with storing cut onions is that they will dry out in the fridge. You might get a week or two.
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  • Onions are a "storage" crop. As long as you're talking about standard yellow or white onions, they should keep for at least a month. Store them in a cool (but not refrigerated), dark, dry area. Do not store them near potatoes, as they will cause the potatoes to go bad quickly. 
  • I'd say up to 6 months, stored properly (cool, dark place but not in the fridge). My mom keeps food from the garden, old school.

    You can also dice it and freeze it. In the fridge, diced, I'd only give it 3-4 days.

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