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Soap Factory Haunted Basement (MPLS) *slight spoiler* and recommendation

I went there last week and it was pretty good!  Worth the money?very unique in my opinion. 


Couple things you should know if you want to go:

*You need to get your tickets online (http://www.soapfactory.org/) and you need to order well in advance as time slots fill up

*Absolutely go in groups of four?they will likely split you up if you do not.  If four is impossible try for groups of two and you might get to stay together. We went on a Monday, it wasn?t very busy but they still made every group of three or more than four draw a cards and they split them up.   If you are split up before you enter the basement you will not be reunited until it is done.

*Don?t cry uncle!  I have never been in a haunted house like this, I was so very close to tapping out in the first few minutes (the man?yes 30 year old man-- in front of us came running out before our group got down.  34 people have bailed so far this year).  I just shut my eyes, held the rope (hint hint) and went along, it took about two minutes but then it was better. 

*You sign a waiver and you have to be at least 18 so they have the ability to say some pretty demeaning things--expect to hear some name calling.  At one point you are restrained and blindfolded (another spoiler) my ?driver? told me he was going to rape me?that  I thought crossed the line so I wrote a letter to the company.  They said they would make sure to let the everyone know those threats were not acceptable. Besides the comment the driver was not inappropriate, and I did not actually feel threatened-- I just think he thought it would be a scary thing to say. 

*Overall it is not all that scary, it is just very unique and can really get your heart pounding a couple times.  When I was there I only saw 11 ?monsters? and only two monsters had the job of  jumping out at you.

*Do not do this if you are claustrophobic, obese, or have trouble with balance. I had bruises on my legs because I ran into so many things with the uneven floors and in some parts I was literally brushing up against the walls?.

Re: Soap Factory Haunted Basement (MPLS) *slight spoiler* and recommendation

  • Can I just give an overall "WTF?"

  • image MelindaMG:

    Can I just give an overall "WTF?"

    Yes, Yes you can.....

    image Our Happy Family: Hugo, Reese, and Wylie
  • People pay money to go to this place?


    How much does it cost!?

  • I can't even handle the haunted house at the State Fair so I won't be venturing out to this one.  Indifferent
  • It was $15 when I went--it was a Monday though. 

    Actually, in regards to this verse the state fair haunted house---it depends on what you are more afraid of.  If you go to the state fair and you get in there when there is not a mass of people with you that one can be pretty scary because there are so many people jumping out.  However, there is usually so many people in there that you see the monsters jump out at someone else before you get to them so you expect them.

    At the soap factory you are so spaced out that you will never be with more then three other people (and sometimes less?) so you feel alone and the suspense is greater.  The suspense is what gets you too because there aren?t many people waiting to jump out at you?you just think there are.  Plus the last 5-15 minutes is all about being scared of being lost in the dark?but after a few minutes of that people tend to stop being scared and just get frustrated that they cant get out.   

    I am going to Scream Town tonight.  I will have to let you all know which one is better?I am guessing Scream Town will be better.


  • image RazorsGurl:
    I can't even handle the haunted house at the State Fair so I won't be venturing out to this one.  Indifferent

    Ditto!!  This sounds terrifying to me!  Especially the part about being tied and blindfolded- I would have nightmares!!

  • Thanks for the review, I've been waiting to hear about it from someone. I was afraid that because it was "arty" that they'd have disturbing images of dead babies on the walls or something.

    We've been to almost all of the haunted houses around town except that one. Maybe now we'll go.

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