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Isn't it B&M MOnday?

I've got nuthin' today, but thought I'd kick it off Stick out tongue

Re: Isn't it B&M MOnday?

  • Apart from being sore from working out I got nuthin.. :)?
  • I will go...

    I am just so worn out with my DH back being so screwed up.  We are going on 6 weeks that he is in pain and can't do shit around the house.   The MRI he had on Friday better tell us something.    I am about to exploding doing EVERYTHING myself.    (I know there are single Mom's out there that do it all the time but I am not one) 

    Because of the above I am exhausted.   Trever has the nerve to tell me I am a party pooper when I went to bed at 12:30 on Sat.   I had to bight my tongue from saying well I will be the one up with Ryan 2 times and oh yeah, I will be doing EVERYTHING again tomorrow. 

    I have to go to the grocery store today!  We have nothing to eat and Ashlyn even said that to me today!  UGH


  • Seriously Susan, 12:30!!!  We don't even have kids and I rarely stay up that late, you must be super woman!  Hang in there and I hope it gets better.

    My only gripe is that they "fixed" the AC in our area and now it is freezing!  I have a heavy sweater on over my cute summer work dress.  No

  • - My desk chair is really uncomfortable and it's making my back hurt.

    - I am anticipating that this week is going to kick my a$$.

  • Lets see...I think my car has yet ANOTHER flat.  I think I'm keeping discount tire in business.

    And it would have been good to know BEFORE I painted that the door latch did not click into the plate.  I'm putting that repair on DH's list.

    And generally feeling tired and sick to my stomach this morning.  Not sure why, but of course eating helps.  I'm already over my calories for the day - and it's SUPPOSED to be a diet week.  Whatever.

  • I'm not ready for my baby to grow as fast as she is. 

    Ok, that really isn't a B&M but more of a whine.

  • Yeah well I should add that we have 2 other couples over here (Our neighbors who are over all the time) so I didn't feel bad going to bed while they were here.    But yeah we normally stay up until 1:00-1:30 on sat.  It's killing me though!
  • Goodness Susan!  I would have to make those times PM instead of AM for me to function at all the next day!

     I hope that your DH finds out what is wrong with his back.

  • Susan I know how you feel, except John isn't hurt (thank goodness) but he has been working SO much that I am usually home by myself doing all of the cleaning and house duties alone.. I can't complain b/c his job is what pays most of our bills, (he makes WAY more than I do) so I told him I was going to start hiring ppl to come out and fix things b/c he is never home to do it!
  • My husband got laid off Friday, and I've been B&Ming about it all weekend. I'm tired of B&Ming about it, but I'm scared to death.


  • Yeah the late nights are getting to me.   I've been really struggling since going back to work to find a good balance in my life.   I spend all my "free time" after kids go to bed and so forth cleaning, grocery shopping or laundry it seems it's just gets old so I like to just hang out and have a few drinks but the late nights are killing me when Ryan doens't sleep through the night.
  • I don't have anything for once
    Pregnancy Ticker Birthday
  • oh yuck - sorry to hear that kmt

    Pregnancy Ticker Birthday
  • KMT - I am so sorry to hear that.  I know how scary that can be.  I really hope something great works out for him and he finds an even better job.  Good luck!
  • Not much to B&M about except I'm at work and DH is at home and I'm trying to get ahold of him to have him go to Best Buy to get something that is incredibly on sale, but since he washed is cell phone in the pocket of a pair of shorts, it's hard to call him.  Carrier pigeon?
  • *I've just been really *blah* lately. I think I'm stressed, burned out, tired, de-motivated, and just flat out worn out.

    * I've got to cut our monthly grocery bill down quite a bit and I'm not looking forward to it.

  • KMT - Sorry to hear about your husband; J got laid off in September and it's pretty stressful.  But we have survived it and made some changes to our lives/budget that have ended up being really great.  And since J hasn't been working, he has become such a helper around the house, keeping up with both the yard and cleaning. 


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