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Hey ladies!

It's been a while since I've checked in over here!!  Since the Mom's Corner board (www.momscorner.activeboard.com) came about in March, I've been posting there because I really like the format better (no stupid error messages!) and all of my mom buddies from the BOTB days moved over too.

And for all the Tampa area moms or soon to be moms, we started a local playgroup chat board too since I'm not a fan of the format changes over here.  We meet every Wednesday, but also are starting weekend playdates.  So even working moms should come check it out!  And we've started up a moms' night out every month too.  We have 23 members but usually have about 6-8 mom & baby pairs come out each week.  It's a great group. :) 

For anyone interested in our local playgroup board, the link is: www.tampaplaygroup.activeboard.com  Please send me a private message once you sign up.  If I don't know you and you don't message me, I'll delete the account because I don't want weirdos looking at our playgroup plans. :)

So, how is everyone?  PerfectCouple, AviatorJJ, Beth, Avian, Jolene, Fadilovesme, etc, etc... what have you all been up to?  I see there's a GTG going on soon and I may have to crash, especially if any of my old time WCFers will be there. :) 

I've been quiet busy at home with Ella.  She started walking over a month ago (at only 8 months old!) and is in to EVERYTHING!  In the past couple of weeks, she's started talking too.  It's wild how fast she's growing up.  I can barely believe that I'm already planning her 1st birthday party!

Anyway, hope everyone is well!!

Re: Hey ladies!

  • Hey Erin! (it's perfectcouple..decided to finally change my screen name)Good to hear from you. I figured all you nestie mommies went to some other board to communicate your play groups. That's awesome it's still going on, and you meet each week! I can't believe Ella is already walking and talking! My nephew was born in April, and every week I see him he is so much bigger, they just grow so fast! We've been busy too, we're going to NC on Thur so that should be fun. 

    This board is rather slow, pretty much like it always has been, I'm more of a lurker than a poster, I post on occasion. I'm not sure if I'll make the coming up GTG, but we should plan to meet up sometime!

  • Hey Erin!!! I barely go on here since the new format and i feel like i dont know anyone anymore!! Well I've been great this is my last week at work and i will be a sahm! ( for now) im contimplating on getting  a part time job a couple days a week. I would love to start meeting up for play groups. I need to hit you up on the other board and get the details . I will send you my email and we can hopefully meet up soon :). I can't believe how big Ella is getting. Honestly Erin is is freakin ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!! i just wanna pinch those cheeks!!! I can't believe she is walking already! thats amazing!! my lil is starting to roll over now and i think thats amazing, they are growing up too fast :( . Well be looking for my email on the other board! Hope I can meet up with you ladies next week!!
  • Hey Erin..I have tried going to the above groups and am not having any luck. Is there something I'm missing?
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