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What do you do with old shoes?

I just cleaned out my closet and counted 56 pairs of shoes, 30 of which I haven't worn in at least 3 years. What do you do with old shoes? They're all fairly worn in, except a few of the dress shoes that were probably worn once or twice. I'm assuming Goodwill would take the ones I barely wore, but should I just trash the others? Agh, seems like such a waste. So much money!

Re: What do you do with old shoes?

  • The worn ones I toss and the relatively good condition ones I donate.  I figure broken in shoes are better than no shoes!  ;)
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  • I usually take stuff like that to "donation drop boxes."  I think the ones around where I live are for churches.  Even if they are worn, they might be better than what someone else has. 
  • I donate them all.... if they are not what they want, then they can toss them.... I just don't want to underestimate their needs :)


  • I just don't want to donote the worn ones and have the people working their think I was being offensive or something by giving them worn shoes, you know?
  • If you feel they are too worn, just throw them out.... but, I can guarantee you, they've seen worse Smile
  • Samantha, i guarantee everything donated is used and some things are way more worn out. i'd look into a women's shelter to donate them to.
  • my church takes just about any shoes..they send them to mexico to people who literally have no shoes..so i would donate them somewhere :)
  • Growing up, our church had the Mexico shoe project as well.  They will take anything.

    But like the others, I donate everything to Goodwill, and then let them decide what's too worn.

  • Do you have any tennis shoes or non-dressy closed toed shoes? Donate them to my hospital! Soldiers come in all the time that don't have any shoes other than their boots, and they need tennis shoes to wear on the plane for their airevac flight to germany. The only thing is that you would have to pay to ship them, but if you don't mind we could really use them.
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