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PSA Friday/Flame Free Friday


Re: PSA Friday/Flame Free Friday

  • but if she is the pope she would be rocking red prada shoes

    now it would be cool to have a pope wearing some Manolos

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  • oh aprille ... do we have to draw a flow chart for you?



  • no, I just like to be difficult

    but I would probably enjoy a flowchart on second thought

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  • image Samantha&Rich:

    I can't believe the nerve of some people. C is now 7 months old and you have seen him 6 times and 3 of those times were immediately after birth 1. because you knew you had to visit the hospital 2. because we all had to go out together for a dinner and 3. because it was Christmas. The three other times were also not you saying "hey can I come see him since I am related to him?"... it's always because we happen to be at the same place at the same time. My brother who lives 3 hours a way has seen C way more than you have. Sure, you may have had some jealousy issues, but now you shouldn't. But don't worry, you'll find out soon enough how it feels to have family members not ask to visit.

    ...probably closer to an OL, but I'm pissed on behalf of my husband.


    Sorry, Samantha.  *but* I do have to say - I have a similar situation (friend, not family member) and I sometimes I feel awkward like I'm just inviting myself over and don't want to be a pain/disrupt family time, etc.  But then I get sad b/c I haven't seen the baby much...  you know?

  • Chair - if it were a friend, it would be different. This is a close family member and by close I mean... immediate. We have two friend couples who 1. hasn't seen Camden.. period. and 2. has seen him once.. and at first I let that bother me, but then realized people probably feel like they're invading family and don't want to bother us (which isn't the case, but I know I have felt the same way once or twice with friends with kids). But if you're family? come on. There's not a feud between us going on or anything, so there's no reason to not call and at least ASK how he's doing! Ugh, I could go on and on....
  • My nephew is 5 months old and I haven't seen him.  And I have no plans to.
  • Samantha, how old are your friends? They may just be at that age where they don't have interest in kids? I know when we were younger and our friends had kids, alot of people in our circle were out partying and such and really did not have a clue that they should stop by and say hi. Of course I dragged DH (then BF) along b/c it is just what you do
  • 6 times in 7 month seems like a good time frame to me.... even for family.  That's about once a month-

    People are SUPER busy, and it's difficult (or lack of desire) to get "out" after work is hard... and weekends are just jam packed.

    My niece is 6 months old, and I've probably seen her about the same amt of time... they live about 40 mins away, and I WISH I saw her more, but shedules have a hard time lining up.

  • I have a theory that your child is like your wedding.  People just can't be asked to care about it (be it wedding or child) as much as you do.  And expecting them to is just an exercise in futility. 
  • wow. I thought this was "flame free friday" where you can say whatever you want and get it off your chest and move on, but I see around here that's still not possible.

    those 6 times weren't spread out to once a month otherwise that would be cool. Like I said in the VERY first post... I'm pissed off on my husbands behalf. This whole thing hurts his feelings. He wants his immediate family to love his child and ask about his child, as my family does. Most of my family lives 2000 miles away, yet they call on a regular basis to ask how my son is doing. All of his family lives within 5 miles, but one of them doesn't call, doesn't ask... he's hurt, so I'm pissed.

    again, the whole friends thing... like I said before... doesn't bother me anymore. it did at first, but I had a new baby and I wanted my friends to be as excited as me (just like when you're first engaged)... then I realized (as many do) they won't be as excited as me until it happens to them and I'm completely cool with that.



  • Where was the flaming? I guess I fail to see where you got flamed.
  • No one flamed.  Only two people responded directly to you and neither of them flamed.  (Outside of Heather and I responding to you about the flaming accusation now.)
  • My comparison of children to weddings is applicable to everyone, myself included. 
  • I don't think it's flaming, but you can't get anything off your chest without a "yeah, but..." around here. I don't think she was wanting opinions - just trying to vent.

    I agree, Samantha -- I would be pissed if DH's or my family didn't try to have an active role in my child's life. You'd think grandparents/uncles/aunts would want to visit and interact with the baby (especially since they are within 5 miles, like you said). Sure, people are busy and schedules are hectic, but for immediate family to use that as an excuse is pretty sh!tty. Sorry that you guys have to deal with this.

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  • sorry about your situation Samantha it must really hurt your H's feelings that his family isn't coming/meeting up with you guys

    but I have to confess that we are 'those' people in J's family!!  We have only seen his niece once....but in my defense, that baby is really an ugly baby and isn't nearly as cute as your bebe.  Now if she were as cute as your bebe I would be more interested in seeing her. 

    yeah, I know I am so going to burn in hell for the horrible things I think  Devil

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  • Careful, Aprilllle, I got flamed once for saying not ALL babies are cute.  Surprise
  • I know, I know I think the most horrible things!

    I can handle getting flamed for this - all I would have to do is post a picture and you would all agree with me!


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  • How much jail time am I looking at if I burn OfficeMax down?
  • depends upon the reasons I would think

    but I am sure that you be a model prisoner so you would get early release

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  • I see a pattern here, Watson..... every week during FFFriday, we have someone post something, others comment, and it's mistakenly thought of as being "flamed".


    Different person every week.  Rinse. Lather. Repeat.

  • I think there are ugly babies, yeah I said it.  Of course, not mine!  They are super cute.  If you say otherwise I will kick yourass!
  • your bebes are cute!

    in fact all the bebes I have seen on here are cute  


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  • some people need to get off the defensive
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