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halloween party for kids ideas?

Can anyone think of Halloween party games for kids? So far I've come up with pumpkin decorating (if we can find little pumpkins--which I've seen at the grocery store). That's it. The kids will be birth to 10. Thanks!


PS I would usually post this on the bump but I can't sign in :(   I'm getting weird error messages.

Re: halloween party for kids ideas?

  • Bobbing for apples.


    You can also make a big bowl of jello and then place random items in the jello and see how many they can find or identify in a certain amount of time.  Make sure that they are blindfolded or behind a curtain of some sort so they can't actually see what's in it.  You can put in halloween related items.

    Take a piece of yarn and tie to something so that it goes across the room, or a designated space.  Make sure the yarn is low enough so the kids can reach it.  String pretzels on the string and see who can eat the whole pretzel without dropping it on the floor and see who can eat it the fastest.


  • How about Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin?  Just like Pin the Tail on the Donkey.  Use construction paper and tape.
  • Limbo with a witch's broom.  Musical chairs with Halloween music.  Make "jack-o-lanterns" using small paper bags and tie raffia around the top, color the rest.  I like this one:  copy off a Halloween coloring page- have the kids color it blindfolded.  See who does the best.


  • Have the children guess how much candy corn is in the jar.  Use a halloween jar, that they can keep, if they win.

    Have a costume competition.  

  • we just went to a pumpkin patch today and instead of bobbing for apples they did apples on a string - they cored the apple with a straw and hung it from a thin rope and had the kids try to "bob" for them - pretty hard.
  • Pumpkin bowling...partially fill 2 liter or smaller soda bottles with water.  Set up like bowling pins. Use small pumpkin for the ball. 
    image RIP Sweet Hanna girl 12.4.11
  • Halloween is a great time to unlock kids' imaginations, treat your family and friends to homemade goodies, and just have fun. Bring all these elements together in a Halloween party that's as fun for the kids to enjoy as it is for you to put together. Here are the few ideas of halloween
    Donut Eating Race, Mummy Wrap, Halloween Crafts. Fancy Dress Competitions, Halloween Coloring Pages
    I have downloaded few halloween pumpkin coloring pages for my kid he love doing this activity and this one of the best activity were kids will have lot of fun.
    Here is the link of the pages which i have downloaded for my kid.


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