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fort rucker army wives?

hey ladies

 my fiance and i are getting married in june and he is re-enlisting into the army as a helicopter pilot. he has been in 8 years already in the infantry, and has decided he wants to be back in for the next 14 years until retirement.

 just wondering what i should expect in alabama? hopefully meet some people before making the big move


Re: fort rucker army wives?

  • Um.. alot of fried okra. lol

    I live in Pensacola Fl, which is about 2-1/2 hours away from Ft Rucker. DH wants to be selected for Heliocopters so we may be there by Janurary. 

    What I would recomend is calling the Military Family Office (Not sure what Army calls it, ladies anyone know??) And they will be able to send you information about the base and the local area. I don't know much about the area myself, but here are some of the things I have learned:

    Be prepaired for a big culture shock. It is very slow paced and very "stuck in my ways" down here. But just be open to it and you will meet some great people. Just be careful of the drivers, they arent that great. Hot and Humid in the summer. No fall or Winter. Ever. And you might have to deal with Hurricanes... BUT You are 2 hours away from Destin FL which is a great beach town. So that is exciting. :)

    Everything is going to be how you make it. If you choose to hate it, you will, but if you choose to take it as an adventure, you will find that you have alot of fun. Training is tough, but it is worth it. :) 

    I hope I helped a little. Good Luck!

  • I have never been to Ft. Rucker, but I am from Alabama. I love the south and miss it like crazy! But, like PP said, you will be close to Destin, which is my favorite place on earth. Its really hot and really humid. Go to the peanut festival in dothan, and see the boll weevil statue in enterprise. Also, I suggest making some trips to Auburn for a college football game- it's amazing! Sorry this isn't much help about Ft. Rucker, but have fun and good luck!
  • What should you expect? hmmm, where to start... :) Ft Rucker is small, very, very small. Coming from Milwaukee, it's going to be complete culture shock. (I'm originally from Appleton, btw) 

    Enterprise has maybe 20,000 people, a Walmart and a Ruby Tuesday. The nearest larger town, Dothan, has a some basic places for shopping and every chain restaurant you can think of. In the immediate area there is very little to do. The best thing about Ft Rucker is that you are only 90 minutes from the Gulf Coast and some wonderful Florida beaches. I lived there for 2.5 years and it was certainly not my favorite post. We did a lot of traveling to get out of Enterprise. I love Atlanta and that's only a 4 hour drive.

    So your fiance is going to WOCC first? With 8 years in the Infantry it will be a breeze for him.

    I think there are a couple other girls here who are at Ft Rucker now.

  • oh! I just checked your bio and you're having your wedding at the Paine? nice! I lived just blocks from there in college. small world.
  • We're here at mother Rucker and counting the days we have left, just waiting on DH's advanced course. You can make do for the time that is spent here, I order alot of things online because the shopping opitions are not great, but we've been ready to PCS out of here for a while and get to an actual post. The PX and commissary are on the small side, but the PX has just been renovated, Publix grocery stores are going into Dothan so the area is growing, just not fast; (Dothan got their first Target in the summer of 07). Some people are friendly, others are not, like a PP said, watch out for the drivers. HTH!
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  • Like the pp have said, it is small, but there are perks - like being close to the beach.  And it is super hot and humid.  We've been here since May and just in the last week have things cooled down enough to make me feel hopeful.  Honestly, our favorite thing to do is to leave for the weekends.  Like any post, you make the best of it. We miss having easy access to fresh, healthy, local foods, both in stores and restaurants, so it has been an adjustment.  We stock up as much as we can when we are OOT.

    I don't know if you plan to work at all, but it can be a challenge to say the least to find something, and if you do, you'll be even luckier if it pays well!  There is a fabulous woman at ACS on post who will help you find a job though, I can't say enough good things about her.  

    It isn't the worst place in the world, but I don't think we'll be super sad to leave either when the time comes.  I'd be happy to give you any info you need though, feel free to PM me!

  • We miss having easy access to fresh, healthy, local foods, both in stores and restaurants

    DITTO! We went absolutely crazy when we got to Hawaii! There are hundreds of fantastic restaurants and farmers markets everywhere. The availability of good food has been our favorite thing about moving here. Although I had to laugh because on the radio this morning they were saying the city I live in is getting a Ruby Tuesday. I thought I'd gotten away from that place.

  • oh, and I have to add that it cracks me up that many people think the best part of living in lower Alabama is Florida :)

  • Eh... it is the same thing, IMO. 

  • It certainly is a small world... we are from WI and currently at Ft Rucker.  DH is from Appleton and I'm from Chippewa Falls.  We met in college at UW-Eau Claire and then I attended UW-Stevens Point for graduate school. 

    To answer your question, the biggest thing is just be prepared for a much slower pace of life, and far less stores or nice restaurants.  Nothing agains the south or Alabama, but it definitely took some adjusting.  I had a hard time finding a job at first, but once I got one I felt much happier and at home down here.  Most of the wives that I know feel the same way. 

    Another thing to be prepared for is that 99% of the wives you meet will be either pregnant, TTC, or have an infant.  They call it Mother Rucker for a reason. :)

    We've been here since June of 2008 and DH is currently finishing up his final course of flight school.  We'll be moving back home to WI in 8 weeks (DH is WI Nat'l Guard out of West Bend).  If you have any other questions feel free to ask! Best wishes for your new adventure!!!

  • Hey girl!

    I'm Dess. We're at Rucker, been here for a few months. My DH and I are from IL. Alabama is.... interesting. When are you and your FI moving here?

  • I live in Fort Rucker. It's nice, very hot and humid but it's close to the beach. I'm moving to Kansas when my husband finishes flight school in august so that should be interesting. But yeah all in all its a good place, every base is what you make of it
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