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::Jen12573:: re: dove

Is the bird still there?  If so, I think you should try and catch him and take him to a rehab center.  Place it in a CARDBOARD BOX lined w/ a papertowel or sheet (no towels...they can get their feet tangled in it).  Cages and Aquariums are the last thing you want to put a wild bird in b/c they can really hurt themselves further by slamming into the glass to escape or damaging their feathers and head trying to get thru wire.  You have to have a federal permit to keep a native bird, so you can't keep it and heal it yourself.  Most vets do NOT have permits and know very little about wildlife, so you should contact a licensed rehabber.



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Re: ::Jen12573:: re: dove

  • Thank you so much - he isn't there anymore tonight, once the sun went down he went away. We're going to check again first thing tomorrow morning before I leave for my trip. If he's there, we'll try to catch him and find a place to take him, I'm checking tonight to see if there's anything in the area.

    We wouldn't try to rehab him ourselves, no doubt, we have a cat and a dog, and I'm a little frightened of birds so having one in the house is not going to happen. We'll see, I'll let you know! Thanks a million!?

    SAIF/PAIF absolutely ALWAYS welcome to respond!
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