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H1N1 ...again!

is at my school! 

We had a quick meeting after school that a 6th grader has a confirmed case.  He's out for 7 days.  His whole family is on tamiflu and the 5th grade brother was sent home today with similar symptoms.  Mom is keeping him home for 7 days as a precaution.  

So, now we have to wipe everything down at the end of the day and be more cautious of things.   The maintenance guys are taking care of cleaning/sanitizing the common areas, but we're responsible for our classrooms - desks, chairs, door nobs, other often touched areas. 

I'm going to tell my kids that if they sneeze and don't have a tissue, they get some hand sanitizer and if they sneeze on their desk, they instantly get their own Clorox wipe - hopefully that will cut down on some of the unnecessary germ spreading. 

THis has not really made me re-think my decision to NOT give R any of the flu shots this year.

Re: H1N1 ...again!

  • Scary stuff, especially when it hits so close to home!
  • I hate to be the one to point this out but your game plan is part of the reason that the H1N1 is out there and so hard to beat.  It is a morphed flu or a super bug bc it has evolved to resist everything.  All of the antibac stuff isnt helping.  Using hot water and soap is better than using antibac wipes and then following with a bleach wipe not a antibac wipe.  washing hands with soap and water the right way (make them sing happy birhtday) is a better option than antibac gel...oh and dont use antibac soap.
  • Linds...just for you must work at the school where my boss and your head, head boss are great friends... My boss told me this morning his friend called him with 2 confirmed cases at this catholic school.
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  • interesting Trish - must be the same place.  The one case was confirmed yesterday afternoon and his brother went home that afternoon with the same early symptoms.  he will probably be confirmed by tomorrow. 

     We know that the regular clorox wipes aren't as good as other things, but I'm not able to bust out warm soapy water all day since I don't have a sink in my classroom.  We're doing the best that we can with the wipes and hand sanitizer and encouraging hand washing as often as possible.  After school each day, we're supposed to use our spray cleaner - I can't think of the name of it right now, but it's not just a bleach solution.  I will always use that if there's a bigger "spray" from someone or if things get worse - but for the time being, without the confirmed cases in my classroom or in my grade - or even in my hallway, we were told the clorox or lysol wipes are fine.  

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