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I'm done with Echo. Spoilers.

That was the end? Someone must have stolen pages from the back of my book, bc OMG.

What about Roger? What about Jemmy? What about Arch? We don't get to see Claire and Jamie reunite?

I have half a mind to drive to wherever the next DG signing is so I can shake her down for some bloody answers! And it's going to be YEARS before get another book.

I'm a little shellshocked right now. I think I need to digest and possibly reread before I lay verdict on whether I'm happy with this book or not.

There was just so much going on at the end.

And holy effballs. How many different narrators are we going to have?

Oh, one major complaint I had for this book: I was not a fan of the jumping around through time. Jumping from Bree-time to the past is fine, but all the jumping around in time in the past was really confusing. Especially bc not everything was marked with a date and/or location.

Re: I'm done with Echo. Spoilers.

  • At least she knows he's alive but this is TOTALLY a bridge book just to get us to the next one.


    My favorite Cake Wreck ever.

  • I've never done it before, but I most certainly would have hurled my book across the room if we didn't get the teensy reunion we did get.
  • I agree to everything you said. I am still shellshocked over the lack of ending. She can't just open up that many can-o-worms and not close some of them!
  • And what about Denys Randall-Isaacs?!?!

    related to him, i feel like his hyphenated name is significant. surely any children he has would also hyphenate their name. but claire and frank already knew jack randall died before his son was born. so ...

    i'm confused by it.

    there was something else niggling me, too ...

  • I'll bet his stepfather is somehow related to Master Raymond.  Everything always feeds back into itself.


    My favorite Cake Wreck ever.

  • Maybe for some reason in the future he or his child decides to drop the hyphenation...
  • I re-read the last 30 pages 3 times last night because I thought I surely missed something. How can DG leave us hanging like this...especially for years because we all know how long it takes her to write one of these books.  What about Ian and Rachel, how is Jamie going to feel about Lord John's carnal knowledge, what about Fergus' family, what about William, Jenny, Roger, Jem... I could go on forever.  I hate when the books end without Jamie and Claire being together.  I didn't like all the narrators either.
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  • *sigh*  This was my reaction to the ending of ABOSAA too. 


    My favorite Cake Wreck ever.

  • image Jenandtonica:
    That was the end? Someone must have stolen pages from the back of my book, bc OMG.

    What about Roger? What about Jemmy? What about Arch? We don't get to see Claire and Jamie reunite?

    That was exactly my feeling as well, I feel like that couldn't possibly be the end of this book, it is SO unfinished!  Everyone is pretty much left in a big question mark and I don't like it, not when I know I have to wait 4 more years to find out what does happen!

  • I read the end about three times, too, thinking I HAD to have missed something.

    I can *almost* deal with cliffhangers for characters we know. What I don't get AT ALL is having no resolution to characters we were barely introduced to. Like, what's the point of introducing William Buccleigh MacKenzie? He hasn't really *done* anything yet. And Denys Randall-Isaacs? COME ON. 

  • Buck is going to die in the present, I think.  He's 38 years old, don't forget.  That's when his life ends.  He either dies at Lallybroch or in the travel back to his own time.  As far as Denys, I don't trust him.  I'm not sure why but I think he got the sneaky gene from BJR by osmosis.


    My favorite Cake Wreck ever.

  • And also Dottie and Denny, Henry and Mrs. Woodcock, FERGUS

    The part with Fergus as the narrator-type seemed absolutely pointless. Perhaps if we didn't know Jamie was really alive, but oy.

    It just felt like she ran out of paper or something.

    Oh, and I definitely don't trust Denys. But what if he turns out to be a somewhat nice chap like Buck?

    One thing I'm happy about is Jenny. The scene with her speaking French was too damn cute. I'm happy she's getting to see the world.

    However. It would have been nice to see her meet Rachel.

    Hell, Ian's involvement with everyone BUT Rachel at the end was disappointing.

    And I guess we assume that Willie killed Arch Bug, but with so many other times a pistol's fired and missed, who knows!

    And Willie. Poor Willie! I hope he ... well, I hope his story goes happy real fast. I do really like him. And I absolutely loved how Jamie said he was his father. "You're a stinking papist." 

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