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vents in here?

anyone have anything they need to spout off about?  let 'er rip!
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Re: vents in here?

  • a vent to myself: why do i procrastinate so much?!
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  • I'm having such a bad day today, but I'll try to keep it short!  Why post and interview for a job that you can't hire for?  And then why would you have someone who didn't interview unofficially start that position?  Then don't tell me you might have a position open up in the next year but aren't sure what it will be and expect me to be happy about that!  ugh! 

  • I found out two nights ago that my step sister is pregnant and it's been annoying the hell out of me nonstop. This is baby #3 w/ boyfriend #3 (so three different kids from three different guys). She has no job, she uses food stamps, and she's on medicare because she can't afford health insurance (you know, because she has NO JOB). She could have gotten birth control for free... I don't understand what the f*cking problem is here. Some people are so stupid.

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  • BIL and his GF just got engaged.  This will be her third marriage, his second.  They already have a baby together.  He asked DH to be best man.  He is tired of his brothers crap but to please his mom, he said okay.  BIL sent him a text asking DH if he was going to throw them an engagement party.  WHAT??? I am sorry, between the two of you, this is your fourth marriage.. you make the institute of marriage itself a joke.  Even if you did think you should have one, THROW IT YOURSELF! GRRRR!!
  • not only am i completely over the "all the single ladies" video, i am sooo over the videos of babies dancing to the video...seriously it's a new video everyday of another kid in a diaper dancing to the song.
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