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Non clicky poll

If you had 18 kids and were expecting 1 more, what would you name them? And all the names have to start with the same first letter as your dh's name.


boy & girl:







boy & boy:








girl or boy:


Re: Non clicky poll

  • boy: David Jr.

    boy & girl: Daniel & Danielle

    girl: Dorothy

    girl: Dawn

    girl: Deirdre

    boy: Dennis

    boy: Drake

    girl: Daisy

    boy & boy: Dominic & Dylan

    boy: Derrick

    boy: Darren

    boy: Dean

    boy: Douglas

    girl: Daphne

    girl: Deandra

    girl: Delilah

    girl or boy: Devin or Devon
  • boy: James

    boy & girl: Jeremy and Jessica

    girl: Josephine

    girl: Jennifer

    girl: Julia

    boy: Joshua

    boy: Jared

    girl: Jillian

    boy & boy: Jackson and Jacob

    boy: Jeff

    boy: Jonathan

    boy: Joseph

    boy: Jordan

    girl: Jenna

    girl: Jocelyn

    girl: Jaylin

    girl or boy: Justin or Justine

    That was a lot tougher than I thought it would be!

  • Holy crap, I don't think I like that many names, period, let alone just with DH's first letter.   I'll give it a shot though and try not to be too Duggar-like since I have that letter, haha....


    boy: Jacob

    boy & girl:  Jonathan & Josephine

    girl: Jeanette

    girl:  Joely

    girl:  Jaime

    boy: Joseph

    boy: James

    girl: Jemma

    boy & boy:  Jeffrey & Joshua

    boy:  Jeremy

    boy: Jack

    boy: Julian

    boy: Judson

    girl:  Jocelyn

    girl:  Jessica

    girl: Janelle

    girl or boy:  Jordan

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  • boy:  Tyler

    boy & girl: Trevor & Tessa

    girl:  Talia

    girl:  Tamara

    girl:  Thora

    boy:  Trey

    boy:  Theo

    girl:  Tara

    boy & boy:  Tristan & Tannor

    boy:  Thorne

    boy:  Tate

    boy:  Thomas

    boy:  Thad

    girl:  Tatiana

    girl:  Trinity

    girl:  Toula

    girl or boy:  Teagan or Tyson
  • image houndbaby:

    If you had 18 kids and were expecting 1 more, what would you name them? And all the names have to start with the same first letter as your dh's name.

    boy: Jason

    boy & girl: Jacob & Jewel

    girl: Jackie

    girl: Jet

    girl: Jocelyn

    boy: Judd

    boy: Joseph

    girl: Josie

    boy & boy: Joshua & Justin

    boy:  Jared

    boy: Jayden

    boy: Jack

    boy: Jon

    boy: Jed

    girl: Jade

    girl: Jasmine

    girl: Jordan

    girl or boy:  Jana or Jace


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  • boy: Jameson

    boy & girl: Jeffery & Jodi

    girl: Jenna

    girl: Jeana

    girl: Julie

    boy: Joshua

    boy: Jackson

    girl: Jilayne

    boy & boy: Jonathan & Jacob

    boy: Jordan







    girl or boy:

    I've got nothing more, thank god I'm not having 18 kids all to be named with the first letter of Jeffs name

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  • Who would have thought it'd be difficult for S...but there were also some that I was trying to avoid for personal reasons.

    boy:  Stewart (some of you may know that I got DH to agree that if we ever had a boy it was going to be Stewie although I would guess I would not be allowed to give him the middle name of Gilligan)

    boy & girl:  Shawn & Shaunte (after DH and his niece)

    girl:  Samantha

    girl:  Sandra

    girl:  Sabrina

    boy:  Shane

    boy:  Stephen

    girl:  Sunshine (after me)

    boy & boy:  Scott & Seth

    boy:  Shemar

    boy:  Simon

    boy:  Sylvester (not a fan of this, but running out of S names)

    boy:  Sullivan (with the nickname Sully)

    girl:  Sidney

    girl:  Stacey

    girl:  Sadie

    girl or boy:  Serenity (a nod to Seinfeld for DH)

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  • boy: Matthew Jr.

    boy & girl: Max & Mackenzie

    girl: Marissa

    girl: Megan/Maggie

    girl: Mara

    boy: Michael

    boy: Mark

    girl: Madelyn

    boy & boy: Mitchell & Malcolm

    boy: Mateo

    boy: Maddox

    boy: Manny

    boy: Marek

    girl: Madison

    girl: Maria

    girl: Makenna

    girl or boy: Malia

    Those last 3 boys were tough since there were pretty much no more boys names I liked, lol.

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