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pumpkin pie blizzard?

When does DQ start serving this beauty?! I asked a few weeks ago and they didn't have pumpkin in yet... Crying

Re: pumpkin pie blizzard?

  • i haven't ever seen that! i am going to have to keep an eye out.
  • with the shortage of canned pumpkin they might not have it this year...I used to work at a DQ long ago...love that blizzard, but unfortunately they use canned pumpkin...try making your own vanilla ice cream some pumpkin and graham cracker pieces...
  • I actually made pumpkin ice cream this week, but I am crrrraving those shortbread pieces they put in for the "crust"! And I don't particularly care for their other "pie" blizzards that use the shortbread. So picky. :)
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