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Cheap shots for dogs?

Our dogs need to be updated on their shots, but for both of them at our vet it's around $300. They won't do just the shots w/o the yearly exam, which they don't need because they've both been in recently and deemed healthy (after dealing with an allergy issue anyway).

So yeah, I really don't want to spend that much right now but my dogs do need to be up to date on their vaccinations. 

Is there any place that will do just the shots for cheap? I'm not looking for a new vet really, just a place to get their shots. 

Re: Cheap shots for dogs?

  • We take all three of our pets to these clinics and they're great! ?Really quick and way cheaper than the vet:

    the bug & bee blog
    (read it. you know you want to.)
    anderson . september 2008
    vivian . february 2010
    mabel . august 2012
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  • Banfield (in petsmart) does vaccination days usually one or 2 days a week and you don't have to pay for the exam, just the shot.  Don't know how much the shots are though.
  • Animal Trustees. They do require the exam, but they are cheap and you are also supporting the good work they do.
  • I used to work at a veterinary hospital... and if a pet had seen us recently and were considered healthy, we usually didn't charge for another exam... just the vaccinations.  You might want to call your vet and see if they are willing to do that.  Smile
  • HEB does "low cost pet shots" every few weeks or so. Check the doors at HEB for the bright colored paper signs, it should have a date of when the next session is.
  • by the title, i was hoping this post would be filled with insulting dog-related one liners.  ah well  *sigh*   ;)
  • image gwynnetx:
    by the title, i was hoping this post would be filled with insulting dog-related one liners.  ah well  *sigh*   ;)


    So a poodle, a sheltie and a husky walk into this bar.....  Wink


    Bobo says smile!!!!

  • We take ours to teh Humane Society in Williamson Co. They do them once a month and it happens to be this Saturday. Here is the info.

    Go early and you will get in and out quickly.  (We buy all of our Frontline and HW Pills there... SO much cheaper!)

  • One of the schools in RRISD is having an evening some time in the near future (or maybe it's passed...) where a vet is doing shots in the parking lot.  The prices were really cheap.  If you want to post your email, I can send the info to you tomorrow. 
  • There was a sign about a cheapo dog shot clinic at a local elementary school. When I pick up dd#1 from MDO I will look for that sign again.
  • It is actually at HEB at 620 and OConnor tomorrow.


    Saturday, Sep. 26, 9 am - 11 am, H-E-B, FM 620 @ O'Connor Rd., Round Rock


    they tell you the packages on the side column

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