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How big do hydrangeas get?

We received one for a gift, and aren't sure where to plant it.  What size will it be at full maturity?

Re: How big do hydrangeas get?

  • They can be giant bushes (like lilac size), but I've never seen them get that big here.  I don't think they do well in CO.  Not enough water, maybe?  Too cold too soon?  Not sure. 
  • I don't think they're an outdoor plant in CO.
  • Ditto PP, they can get very big in the right environment.  My parents have one (in OR) which obviously gets lots of rain and it's HUGE!  But we have one here and it's doing fine so far, but I dont think it'll get much bigger than 4-6 feet tall.  They need good protection from the elements, so we planted ours on a SE corner of the house so it's protected from heavy rains and wind.   They are beautiful, one of my favs!!
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  • hydrangeas need A LOT of water. If they don't get the right amount they don't grow very large.
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  • Yes, they are pretty tempermental to grow in CO.  They get huge in WA where I'm from!  We planted one at our last house.  Plant them in indirect sunlight and water often.  Also, did you know that you can control the color by the amount of copper in the soil?  Give it a shot!
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