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Pureology Hydrate vs. Aveda Color Conserve

I am looking for a new Shampoo and Conditioner.  I am currently using Ojon which I looooove what it does to my hair but I cannot handle the smell.  I am looking at either Pureology or Aveda.  I have used Pureology before and liked it and I have used Aveda Damage Control before and liked that too (never used color conserve).  Has anyone used either of those?  Did you like them?  Which do you like better, if you have used both.  TIA. 

Re: Pureology Hydrate vs. Aveda Color Conserve

  • I used Aveda Color Conserve and I wasn't very impressed. My color (done at an Aveda salon) still faded a little bit and it fades drasticaly if you combine the Aveda CC with any other shampoo or conditioner. The guy at the salon told me that if you're going to do Aveda shampoos/conditioners then you need to go all out and do the whole line, including styling gels and whatnot because the natual organic stuff in Aveda is really sensitive and can only really be used with other organic stuff that is in Aveda. 
  • I have used both and prefer the pureology hydrate by far.  The Aveda wasn't bad, but it didn't give my hair enough moisture/repair, and left my hair feeling kind of brittle (and I don't really have dry hair).  Plus, I don't think the smell is as good.
  • I like the Aveda, but I am not a huge fan of the Pureology line.
  • I've never used Aveda, but I love Pureology
  • Pandi - Why dont you like pureology?  Is there something else you would suggest besides these two?
  • I love Pureology.  I tried that L'Oreal stuff and hated it. 

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  • image Wedding18:
    I love Pureology.  I tried that L'Oreal stuff and hated it. 

    I actually don't like either.  Sad

    Well, let me restate that - I HATE the Pureology "straight" line, especially the conditioner, but the shampoo is okay.  I used to use the purple line, and I liked that, and went out on a limb and bought the blue line - big mistake.

    Right now I'm trying the L'Oreal "moisture" conditioner because H was starting to freak out about how much my hair products were costing, and my color is almost completely stripped after two weeks.  Entirely not impressed.  Even H agrees.

    So I think it's back to Pureology shampoo and Kerastate Lait Vital conditioner for me.  If I do Kerastase for both, my hair ends up a little greasy, so the mixture seems to work best.  And even my colorist was impressed with how well that combination was keeping my color.

  • image Peanut612:
    Pandi - Why dont you like pureology?? Is there something else you would suggest besides these two?

    I used pureology at the first salon I ever worked at, and I just didn't love it. Then the salon switched to Aveda, and I went to an Aveda school, so maybe I have just been brainwashed Aveda (o: But I really do like the Color Conserve, but sometimes I suggest other shampoo and conditioners to people depending on their hair type. So if you are dry I might try the Damage Remedy.

    Another color shampoo and conditioner from a different line that I have tried and liked was the Kerastase. Bain Mirror, I think it is called. It smells really good, feels really good, the only problem with it is that it contains silicon that will build up on the hair after prolonged use. But it feels really good on the hair. Just don't use it for a long time, maybe use one bottle of that and then a bottle of another brand and then come back to it.

    Different shampoos work different on different hair. So it's best to find what works best with your hair.?

  • i've used both. i prefer the way pureology made my hair feel but i'm not a big fan of either. i really want something natural that won't fade or dry my hair out because despite how 'natural' aveda claims to be, there are some ingredients i don't want on my hair.
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  • I wasn't impressed by Color Conserve either.

    I used to use Brilliant by Aveda. I now use Moroccan Oil and love it.

  • I like Pureology-- but I should say I've have an inordinate amount of hair (it's not thick, it's just there's a ton of it) and it's fairly wavy.  Meaning I'm a wash every other day gal and I think I can take more build-up than really fine, straight hair. 

    While  Pureology doesn't leave me feeling greasy, it's definitely very hydrating and so IMO could feel heavy/greasy on thinner/finer hair.

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