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Names for Grandma's?

My sister is going to be a grandma - yet she loathes that word....ha.  What are some alternatives?  In our family we have:

Juju - african dialect

BooBoo - marshalese dialect

MeeMaw - southern phrase

(BTW - did I mention we have a lot of adopted siblings?  Hense the alternate languages)

So, what do you call your grandmas - or what are some names you know?  Thanks!


Re: Names for Grandma's?

  • We just used grandma.  My mother called her grandmother "ma'mere", and our niece also calls her maternal grandmother that.

    I'm not into cutesy names for grandparents.  Grandma and Grandpa for me. 

  • Oma - Dutch/German/and others

    Baba - Russian

    Baka - Croatian/Bosnian

  • I call my grandma grandma. I like Noni, though. Maybe I'll request my grandkids call me that.?
  • When I was little, I called my grandma (dad's mom) Mammy. She raised me, so she was like Mommy, but she wasn't. That's how my toddler mind came up with the name. :) And my grandpa was Papa. My mom's mom was just Grandma *name.* I'd only met her once as a child, so I didn't know her.
  • One set was g-ma and g-pa. The other set insisted on being called Nana and Pop Pop. I wasn't a big fan!
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  • d.fd.f member
    My mom's mom hated Grandma but she was okay with Grandmother.

    DS 09/08


  • A lot of my cousins call their grandmom Noni- its an italian thing I suppose.

    I know a lot of people back east that use Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop.

    My grandparents (maternal) have always been Pop-Pop (or Poppy) and Gie. The Pop-Pop is self explanatory and the Gie part is from my mom trying to make me say "Gannie" or "Grannie" or something when I was a baby and all I could get out was "Gie"- and it stuck (=

  • We are doing Grandma (his mom), Grammy (my mom) and Nana (my step-mom).?
  • My MIL is insisting on being called Ma Mere... I don't get it, but whatever, when the baby busts out with something not even remotely close to that it will be funny. ?It made me feel better when SIL told MIL that she thought it was a silly name. ?SIL and DH never called the grandparents anything but Grandma and Grandpa, so again I don't know where the need for Ma Mere came from...can you tell it bugs me???

    We always called my Grandma's, Grandma "First Name" when I was a kid.?

    My Mom pretty much doesn't care what he calls her, she is just excited to be a grandparent.?

  • Ours were Gray and Pop Pop

    And Just grandma and grandpa on the other side.

    I've heard a lot of grandma's called Nana and think that's cute.

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  • I always called my grandparents grandma and grandpa. Our baby will call them Nana (MIL), Grammy and Poppy (Dad and Stepmom) Grandma Donna (my mom) and I don't know what for DH's dad and step mom.

    I have friends who live in Hawaii and her daughter calls her parents Papa and Tutu. It's Hawaiian for grandma and grandpa and I think it's SO cute. Although I think recently she decided to call them Pop and Toot...which makes me laugh. 

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  • Shannie - MaMere is French for Grandma.  That's what my great grandmother was referred to as.
  • NannaNanna
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    Right now we are referring to my parents as Grandma and Grandpa and DH's parents as Nona (Italian) and Poppa.  But, we imagine that D will come up with something on his own at some point so that may change.
  • My MIL is "ya ya" (per her request), I think it's Greek and grandpa is "G-pa", made up.  I grew up with just plain ol' grandma and grandpa and that's what my parents are called.  We're getting used to it.
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  • We use Nanna and Meemaw. I just think it can be confusing when your parents have gotten divorced, remarried and then if your DH's have too...that is a lot of people to call grandma and grandpa. While we aren't in that situation, I totally understand (and think its cute) when grandparents have special names.
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  • Goring up I had a "gram" and a grandma.  Boring, eh?

    My Mom and Dad are Grammie and Poppa.  DH's mom and dad are Grandma and Grandpa. 

    We are BORING.

  • My grandma was grandma.  DH called his Gram.  My mom goes by Nana (na-na, not nanna).

    Others I've heard are Nanna, Mimi

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  • I had Grams & Grandpa, and Gramps & Grandma, but DD will have:

    my Grams still (her great-grandma), Grandma (my Mom), Grandpa & "Jane Doe" (my Dad & his "new" wife ~ I withhold her real name her for privacy, but we've decided she will be referred to just by her first name until she earns something nicer), Nana & Tata or Opa/Oma (DH's parents, which they haven't decided yet which they like better).

    My pride and joy!
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