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Halloween 5K costume ideas?

Hi everyone, as you can see from my siggy I recently decided to do a 5K on Halloween - it sounds like so much fun. There are prizes for best costumes. Any ideas? Ideally it would be a couples costume since DH will be running it with me (if I can keep him from running too far ahead ha ha). I can sew. But it also has to be something I can run relatively comfortably in.

Re: Halloween 5K costume ideas?

  • I had my outfit all planned out for a Halloween Half (Monster Dash in MN) but I won't be around that weekend.

    I have some awesome hot pink running tights, a pair of bright green shorty shorts, knee high socks, a bright sports bra, and a random XL sweatshirt with the neck cut big.

    Basically I'd become a super awesome jazzerciser. An outfit that I can easily run in yet completely awesome. Even better if you add some crazy make up!

    I've got photos (I wore it for a 80's party a while back) but they are on facebook and work is not allowing any aspect of facebook today (sometimes I get lucky). I might remember to post them when I get home if you are interested!

    ~~run.around.aroo: The Life of the Wannabe Runner that Lives Inside Me~~
  • that's a great idea! Maybe I could include a totally 80s headband/wristbands too.

  • My idea already got posted, but I think the 80's theme with hot pink spandex is the way to go! I don't think it will be a prize winner unless you can perfect a matching pink faux-hawk though. Have fun!

  • gladiators - as in american. 
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