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iPhone 3G vs 3Gs

Is there really a big difference? Is it worth it?

You can get a 3G refurb for $49, but there are no refurb 3Gs so that's $199.If you've used both, do you think it's worth the extra $150? Unfortunately it is DH that will be making the final decision (grrr, but I don't want to go there...) so while I want the 3Gs because it's "better" I need to have a more convincing reason than that. :)

Re: iPhone 3G vs 3Gs

  • I have no idea about comparing the two, but i can tell you that I personally would never buy a refurbished phone.  I've known way too many people who end up having issues with them.  They'll go through a few different phones before finally caving and buying a new one.  If you've bought them before and have been happy then I say go for the refurb.  I have the 3Gs and would say splurge, but I'm biased because I've never used the 3G...  Huh?
  • Not sure about the difference in speed - but the 3G in the store (still new, not refurb) is $99 - it's 8gb.  The 3Gs has a video camera and some other little extras.  DH has the 16gb 3Gs & he is in love with it - so we don't know any different.  Side note: I don't know WHY I bought him that dad-gum phone for his birthday because he seriously is addicted to that thing.   
  • I don't know about the refurb phones, but DH and I each have a "refreshed" iPod and they work great.  Well, DH's is about a million years old now but it did work great for a long time.

    I got my 3G (16MB) in April and love it.  It does pretty much everything a 3Gs will do except video, though there are apps out there for the 3G that will make it do a sort-of video.  The OS is the same.  I don't think the speed is all that much faster, since you're limited to the speed of AT&T's data network or WiFi, though maybe they're talking more about for game apps, etc.  Get a 3G now and say that you'll use the savings toward your next phone when they probably come out with a new one in a year or so whenever AT&T finally upgrades to a 4G network.  I don't think it's worth the price difference otherwise.

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  • Dh has the 3g and I have the 3gs. Difference is video camera and the ability to copy and paste.
  • image mcurban:
    Dh has the 3g and I have the 3gs. Difference is video camera and the ability to copy and paste.


    The dude at the ATT store said they both did it now?? But he was also a first class DB who treated me like an idiot every time I asked a question. Which is why I went to another ATT store, where they were much better but I didn't think to ask that question again.

    Cause that could be pretty important.


    ETA: I meant the C&P, not video.

  • I had the 3gs before hubby got one and he coveted mine.

    it's faster to read mail and stuff. It takes videos. it hold more app screens. I'd go to the apple store and ask, att people usually are not the best to chat with from our previous attempts at getting info out of them.

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  • You can download the upgrade from Apple which will allow you to cut and paste.  I have the 2G (original) and I can cut and paste. 
  • ditto pp - even the 2g can copy/paste now, you just have to update the software (which is as easy as connecting it to itunes).  all iphones are at the same OS level now (3.0.1), so the difference between a 3G and 3Gs will be video and actual hardware speed.  common analogy would be when you add memory to your computer - everything runs faster.  opening a program, switching between programs, typing, etc.  they're not talking about network speed, but hardware speed. 

    if you get the refurb $49, does that count against your upgrade eligibility for the future?  if so, then i'd get the best that's out there because you'll be stuck with it for 2 years.  that refurbed iphone would be 3 years old by then, and it'll be hurting. 

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  • The video capability alone is worth it to me! 

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