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Shelby County Marriage License - HELP!

I just accidentally posted this on a national discussion board, so I hope it's in the right place this time...

I have only lived in Memphis a year, and I am so confused about the marriage license process!

We picked it up, got it signed, and signed the big record book at the clerk's office, got married and thought that was it. Not the lady at the clerk's office, nor our pastor has told us there is anything further we need to do. So I've got my marriage license signed and have done nothing with it. Thanks to my name change kit, it says that I will probably need to request a couple copies of an official copy of my marriage license for submitting as I get my name changed. I checked the Shelby County Clerk's website and noticed that it said I have to send back "the signed vital application" within 30 days. What does that mean??? The marriage license?  Cuz that's what it appears I have is the marriage license, not an application.  Anyone I know in town who has been married recently got married out of state, so I'm completely clueless. I got married on August 8, so if a 30 day deadline is the case, then time is running out! Please help!!

Re: Shelby County Marriage License - HELP!

  • Usually the pastor takes care of it.  After the ceremony our pastor signed the "pretty" marriage certificate and then mailed off the other part.  We never had to do anything.  We did receive a marriage license in the mail not too long after.  I took both marriage certificate things with me when I went to change my name everywhere.  Contact the pastor who married you and double check that he sent in the signed part to the powers that be.   
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  • Ditto what the previous poster wrote. I would call the clerk's office ASAP or go and show them what you have and ask what you need to do. I know our priest sent part of it in and we got an official marriage license confirmation thing a couple of weeks later.
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  • Ditto to the pp. Call your pastor. He should have sent the bottom portion back in after he married you.
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