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Relocating to Fort Worth - Questions

My husband just accepted a job in Fort Worth so we will be moving there from St. Louis. I have started to look at Craigslist for rental houses but am not too sure of the different areas. We are looking for an area that is somewhat close to Lockheed Martin (where he will work) and downtown Fort Worth (where I hope to get a job). We are interested in an area that is near or by a lake if possible. Any suggestions? Any towns/areas to definitely stay away from? Any other good house rental websites etc. that are specific to Fort Worth?

 Thanks for the help!

Re: Relocating to Fort Worth - Questions

  • Maybe the Lake Worth/Saginaw area.  Its not too far from where you are wanting to be close too, and they have everything out there (shopping, eating, all the essentials).

    The only other water I can think of is out in Benbrook, but I used to live there and drive to downtown and I hated the drive and the area traffic.  Where everything u need is, there is crazy traffic all the time (Hulen and Bryant Irvin streets).

    I work downtown and have always lived in the Hurst/Bedford/N. Richland Hills area.  I do all of my social stuff there, and all my shopping and such, and I just love that area.  I moved away for the summer due to divorce, but Im moving back to Hurst next week into an apt by myself.  Theres no lake around there, but its a super easy drive to downtown ft worth. (15 or 20 min max in work traffic)  Its also sort of in the middle of Ft. Worth and Grapevine, or Ft. Worth and the more central metroplex.  Id hate to live in Ft. Worth and drive for whatever reason to Dallas, PLano, Lewisville, etc. 

    Always worked in Ft. Worth, but never had the desire to live there.  Well, there are a coupld of pockets I would love to live in, but I'd have to either find a new husband with tons or money or win the lottery first!! LOL

  • I live on the Dallas side of the metroplex, so I'm not too familiar with the Fort Worth side, but I'd look on www.ebby.com for rental properties.  GL!
  • We live in the Saginaw/Lake Worth area and love it. It is close to both Lockheed and downtown Ft Worth and Eagle Mountain Lake and Lake Worth lakes are close. It still has more of a small town feel but all of the stuffyou need is close and it is growing. My DH grew up in Saginaw and we have lived there since we got married. If you have any questions let me know.

    Good luck! 

  • I would also suggest Saginaw/Lake Worth area. I work Downtown, and a girl I work with lives with her sister in Saginaw and her sister works for Lockheed. It's a great area--enough "out" to not be in the city, but close enough to Downtown for "nightlife."

    Good luck with your move!


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  • Thanks for the help! I will definitely check out the Lake Worth/Saginaw area. Thanks for the website for rentals, it is a great help!
  • If I had the money, we'd live near downtown Fort Worth. It's one of the few cities that has an incredible urban downtown scene. The TCU area, off University near the museum district, Mistletoe Heights, Fairmount, etc are all incredibly cool places to live. I have friends in all of those areas and drool over their location and homes. This would put you in the heart of Fort Worth - a unique cultural melting pot - and not out in a generic suburb. You'd be within minutes of both workplaces without any freeway time.

    I do not know what the rental prices look like, though, and those are all high demand but tons of condos/apartments are going up to meet some of that demand. TCU area has tons of quaint home rentals but, again, not sure what your budget is.

    I'm very familiar with Lake Worth and Saginaw and I wouldn't live there but you might like it. Both areas are suburbs and don't have much of the charm that FW has. IMO, of course ;) They do have very low cost living, though.

    The upside to renting is that you're only committing for a few months. Good luck in your search!

  • We live in Keller and my DH works on the other side of Ft. Worth--it is a bit of a drive for him but it is more centrally located for us with regard to family...which obviously isn't the case for you guys.  I would say looking at additional websites other than craigslist will help you get a feel for areas and availability.  How soon are you looking to move?  Sometimes rental homes aren't advertised until close to the availibility similar to apartment complexes.  The rental market here is relatively strong so there should be plenty of options!  

    Good luck in your search and welcome to the area!! 

  • I agree with Aimee - I much prefer FW to the suburbs.  We live between TCU and Colonial Country Club.  It is a great location - 10 minutes for my husband to get to work (Downtown), 7 minutes for me to get to my work (near the 7th street development).

    In searching for rental - I would personally target 76109, 76107, and 76102.

    76109 will be the TCU houses - tons of cute older (and some newer) houses.  If it gives you an idea on typical price - we own a 1,400 square foot house that we rent in this area - 2 bedroom, 2 baths, updated kitchen and bathrooms for $1,400 per month.

    76107 is the cultural district/west side.

     76102 is downtown.

    I think you'll love fort worth - it is warm and friendly...feels like a small town with a great cultural offering (museums, symphony, ballet theatre, zoo) and some great restaurants.  Check out this blog for some previews of the amazing restaurants:


    Good luck in your search.  Feel free to page me with questions.



  • DH and I relocated to Downtown Fort Worth in March and LOVE where we live!  We on 7th and Henderson if you have a map of downtown.  It is a 5-10 minute walk to bars, restaurants, comedy clubs & plays.  Walking away from downtown we are a 10 minute walk from the Trinity River which is 30-ish miles of trails for biking, walking, running, etc.  The complex has a pool and the nicest fitness center we had seen including a 1/2 basketball court.  They also have two people that organize weekly events like the softball team, pool parties, free breakfasts at the clubhouse.  Since we knew no one in Fort Worth we were really happy that we ended up with that and have made good friends.  I'm unsure of the prices where you are coming from, but coming from the northeast we did not find the prices to be unreasonable (starting at about $800 for a 1 bedroom & $1200 for a 2 bedroom - no utilities included - there were specials going on when we moved in). 

    DH sometimes has work at Lockheed and it only takes 15-20 minutes from here WITHOUT traffic (he goes in for 7am so misses the prime travel time).

    Of course there are some things we aren't completely in love with, but I can answer any questions you have and highly recommend it.  Good luck with all your moving plans!!

  • If you are interested and wanted the name it's Firestone Upper West Side, managed by Lincoln Properties (they also manage some others, we toured most of them before deciding that the location of Firestone worked best for us).
  • I'll buck the trend here and mention that I live on the West Side (I-30 and 820), just 3 miles from Lockheed Martin (LM).  There's no lake, but it's a quiet area.  We have some very large homes out here with land for horses if that interests you.

    In terms of where not to live, my only recommendation is not to live just east of downtown FW, or on Eastchase Parkway, or near the Joint Reserve Base (traffic).  Hulen (near I-20) has great shopping, but the traffic gets horrible.

    If you're looking for a younger crowd, downtown is great.  Another area very popular with LM folks is The Canyons Apartments on Bryan Irvin, right next to the LM Rec area (which is 8 miles from LM).

    In general, you can't go wrong with Fort Worth.

    If you have any questions about LM, feel free to e-mail me at babs568 at yahoo dot com.



  • Fort Worth Rocks! Listen to Chair, she knows what is up!

  • If I was renting something in FW, I'd look around 7th and the Montgomery Plaza area.  Lots of stuff going up around there.  If I was buying, Fairmount, for sure.


    I moved to FW a few years ago and I love it here.  It's a friendly, laid-back town that's big, but still feels small.  Lots of local flavor that makes for cool little adventures around town.  Welcome! 

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  • I love FW!  I lived in The Canyons, they are very centrally located and I loved the area.  That area has really nice apts.  They are on River Park Rd., 76116.
  • Thanks for all the help! We are planning to come down for a "house hunting" trip in a couple weeks and now we have a good idea of where to start looking.
  • Hi, I live in the N Fort Worth/Keller area (and I'm from Ballwin, MO!).  We love our neighborhood.  It's not too far from Eagle Mountain Lake or Grapevine Lake.  Close to shopping and dining in Southlake.  Great family environment with sought after schools.

    The couple across the street from us are both engineers at Lockheed.

    Check out these neighborhoods: 

    Heritage Addition   http://www.heritagelife.com/

    Villages of Woodland Springs  http://www.woodlandspringshoa.com/


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