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AMAZING Splinter Removal Technique for Babies/Kids! With a Banana Peel!

I am so amazed that I have to tell you guys about this!!

On Friday I noticed that Emma had a splinter in her heel - and it was embedded.  (Bad mommy -- it must have hurt her at some point and I never knew it!)  Anyway - I had no idea how to painlessly get it out of a squirming baby - so I googled!! 

I found this trick and it worked!!!  I taped a small square of a banana peel to her heel (flesh part to skin) and then put a sock over it.  (I did this while she was sleeping.)  In the morning - the splinter was gone!!

The holistic website I found this trick on said that the enzymes in the banana peel pull the foreign body out of the skin and into the peel! 

It was painless to Emma and to me!  I just had to share this tip with you guys!  MH wasn't that impressed ... but hopefully it will help one of you out at some point!!!

Re: AMAZING Splinter Removal Technique for Babies/Kids! With a Banana Peel!

  • wow! so glad it worked! I feel suddenly tempted to give myself a splinter, just so I can test this out for myself. lol
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  • We get SO many splinters from our stupid front steps, Katie is scarred for life and scared to death of tweezers now - i am definitely going to try this!!  I think it sounds amazing. :)
  • This sounds like  a great tip-I know DH will be happy to try it! Thanks!
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  • I'm impressed!  Hopefully I can remember that if we ever need it!
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  • Wow! Thanks for sharing, I'll have to remember that one.
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