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Reclining sofas

Oh I need so much help. We are moving into a new house and need living room furniture. Dh is dead set on getting a reclining sofa and loveseat, and to be honest I like the idea of it as well. Here's the problem-they are all ugly, and then what accent chair do you put with big puffy recliners?

I'm a decorating dummy and have spent way to much time in furitnure stores with pushy salespeoaple to even know what I think anymore.

Does anyone have pretty rooms with reclining furniture???




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Re: Reclining sofas

  • Yuk!  Those sofas are terrible!  IMO.  I would just go with a recliner along with other furniture.
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  • Visit a lazyboy showroom and you'll find that not all of their reclining sofas are big and poofy! They have all kinds of styles...
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  • We had a hunter green chenille reclining furniture set as our first LR funriture.  It was hand-me-downs from my IL's.    It was uncomfortable, heavy and totally dated looking.  You can't sprawl accross the sofa because of the reclining can only sit in one seat and recline.  While I think that some of the styles are more streamlined and less puffy/bad 80's looking now I'm not a fan. 

    I don't have my camera handy, but this is the couch I have with a recliner on both ends. My hubby wanted a recliner too, but I HATE the "puffy" look. It looks like a normal couch, and the recliner slides out, if that makes since. It is called a wall hugger, you can place it against a wall b/c it slides out instead of the kind that flips back. Hope you're getting my visual on that! Big Smile

  • Definitely check out La-z-boy.  My brother has two chairs that recline, and you'd never know it.  We will also most likely get those as our accent chairs, because they looked so nice!
  • Ditto PP's on La z boy.  We have a reclining sofa and two reclining chairs and none are poofy or clunky looking, and you can totally lie across the sofa, you don't feel the recliner mechanism at all. 

    Before this set I had a poofy reclining sofa from Ashley.  It was really ugly and I swore I would not own another reclining couch, but H said we should check la z boy just in case there was one I wouldn't hate, and we found one!  

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  • Z Gallerie has a nice reclining sofa. It's expensive, and I forget the name, but it's pretty and REALLY comfy. I want it for my media room someday.
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