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Question for moms

When did you first start feeling your baby move?  I'll be 18 weeks tomorrow and I *think* I'm feeling some flutters, but I'm not sure.  I feel like I should be feeling more by now and I'm getting really anxious!  Thanks! 
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Re: Question for moms

  • I had "is that gas?" flutters from about 15-20 weeks.  Good swift kicks from 20 ish on.  I wouldn't worry. You could have an anterior placenta or something that makes them harder to feel too. 
  • With Allison I didn't feel a single thing until almost 27 weeks.  I had an anterior placenta and that made a HUGE difference.  This time my placenta is posterior and I started feeling flutters at 15 weeks and definite movement by 18 weeks.
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  • To be honest, I started feeling this kid at about 14 weeks - just one of those "flutters" here and there.  And the OB said that after the first pregnancy, you're more sensitive to feeling the baby move.  So you are probably feeling something from your little bean. :)
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  • I started feeling something around 14.5 weeks--but wasn't *positive* for a couple after that. However, I will say I think that was quite early, and you definitely don't have any reason to worry--besides, you could definitely be feeling flutters!
  • For me it was about 22 weeks.
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  • That sounds about right.  I felt flutters but wasn't sure between 17-20 weeks.  AFter that, they were definite kicks.  Just wait - after while, you'll be able to see your little one turning around in there!
  • Don't be nervous. You are totally within normal ranges. Pretty soon the little one will be kicking the crap out of your bladder. :)
  • Flutters at about 18 weeks - real kicks at around 20-21!
  • d.fd.f member
    Flutters 17-18 weeks. A few kicks at 19 weeks.  The kicks have really picked up this last week.

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  • I didn't feel Tessa until 23 weeks- right when you get to the point in the book where it says if you haven't felt your baby move let your doctor know!

    You could feel a little bit later because its your first pregnancy and with my case my placenta attached to the front side of my uterus, so I had extra cushioning so I couldn't feel her.

    You'll be feeling full on kicks & hiccups in no time!


  • 1st baby: I felt movement around 19-20 weeks (flutters and such), but could really feel movement by around 23-25 weeks.

    2nd baby: So early...flutters right before 14 weeks and kicks around 17 weeks. 

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  • I didn't feel her until about 19-20 weeks (after our "big" u/s).  The u/s tech kept saying, "Don't you feel that?  I can't believe you don't feel that!" LOL
  • It was a progression for me. I'm still not sure when I became sure it was the baby. Maybe about 18 wks for me, but at that time they weren't real strong or daily. They say first time moms don't feel baby as early because they're not sure what it feels like. Don't worry you'll feel it soon.
  • Thank you!  I was getting kind of nervous that I hadn't felt much, especially since he was so active at our 16 week u/s, but you all made me feel much better about it :)
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  • I think I felt a flutter or 2 around 18 weeks but I didn't feel kicks until around 23 weeks. I had an anterior placenta.
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  • image schoolsoutbride:
    I had "is that gas?" flutters from about 15-20 weeks. 

    Yep, what she said. :)  With my first it wasn't till after 20 weeks I'm certain.  With DS it was right around 16-17 weeks. 

  • Around 20 weeks.  It is tough those first few weeks. 

  • ijackijack member
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    I was lucky enough to feel her move at 15 weeks, but that is pretty early. I think it's fairly common to not feel anything until 20 weeks or later depending on where your placenta is. I felt my first tap at 17 weeks and DH felt her for the first time right around there too. She was also really really active and a strong kicker according to my doctors and nurses.
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  • NannaNanna member
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    I didn't feel the baby until around 21 weeks.  My placenta was anterior and my doc told me that can make it harder to feel the baby sometimes.
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