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Sorry girls. =(


Re: Sorry girls. =(

  • I am so so sorry, Kerry.  And Jeff too.  I'm sorry.
  • FFFFUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKKK that ain't right. ?i am so sorry, dude. huge hugs to you, jeff, rex, and freddie. ?
  • d.fd.f member
    I am so sorry!

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  • I am so sorry.  Hugs.
  • I am so sorry Kerry. I thought this time sounded so promising. Left Hug
  • Sad  I am so sorry.
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  • MOTHERFUCKKER!!!  That is just so wrong.  I wish so much there was something I could say that would make it better...or that there were words that could actually describe how incredibly sh!tty that is. 

    I'm so so so sorry Kerry (and Jeff).  ((((hugs))))  When can we take you out for drinks?  

  • I am so sorry Kerry.  Sad
  • I'm so sorry :( I was SURE this was going to be your time...


    but it ain't over until AF there is still hope... 

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  • I am so very sorry Kerry. I have been praying for you like crazy and I won't stop! Left Hug
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  • Crap!  That totally sucks.
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  • I am so sorry, Kerry.  Big hugs to you!
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  • NO. DAMNIT! I am sorry Kerry. I'm gonna go stomp on something.
  • FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My heart hurts for you and Jeff.

  • So,so sorry Kerry. Dammit. Big big hugs!!!
  • Baaaaaaaaaaaaaah!  Angry
  • that fuucking blows.

    Im so sorry )=

  • Ugh, I'm so, so sorry. Is there any chance it could still happen? I was BFN on 12 dpo, didn't get a positive till 14 days?  I'm so sorry.
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  • ***BIG HUGS***

    I'm so sorry. 

  • That blows Kerry :(  I am so sorry!
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  • I'm really, really sorry Kerry. I know you want this more than anything.
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  • So very sorry.  :-( 
  • I'm sorrySad  Big hugs!
  • I'm so sorry, Kerry.  Crying
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  • Kerry I am so, so sorry. Please let me know if there's anything I can do for you and Jeff. You both are such wonderful people and you don't deserve to be going through this. I wish there was something I could do for you both to make this better. Huge Hugs to you, I'm here if you need anything. Left HugRight Hug
  • I'm so sorry, Kerry.
  • Awww man. Kerry, I am so sorry. I just knew that this had to be your time. You guys are sticking in my prayers. I know that something has to work out for you guys.
  • ijackijack member
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    I'm so sorry Kerry :(
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  • Aww geez, Kerry.  I'm so sorry.  :-(

  • I am soooo sorry.  :(
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