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Housekeeper in Leander?

Wow! I have not posted in literally forever on this board--crazy new format.

 Anyway--I am looking for a housekeeper for the Leander---I have tried out a few people and have not really found my person yet. I need someone to clean and completely empty home that is just about to go on the rental market. I property manage for my inlaws and I get to hire out everything (yes!!). I need someone ASAP and someone very good that I don't have to go back and check every detail. 

Anyway since I don't frequent the nest that often you can post here and also email me borah22 at gmail


thanks in advance for your help

Re: Housekeeper in Leander?

  • Congrats on #2!!

     PMBride (in Leander) rec Lily and I'm about to use her (I live in CP). Another nestie uses her too and they both like her a lot. Her number is 627-2595.

  • Lili did the clean out of our old house before we sold it.  She will do a great job at a reasonable price. 627-2595
    Married and it feels so good! Lilypie Second Birthday tickers
  • Thank you for posting this - I got off the rotation for the company I was using for a few weeks and now they no longer have a space for us :(  I needed someone new badly, I called Lily and she's coming tomorrow to give us an estimate - YAY!!
  • What does Lily do for you guys? I'm looking to get someone to do windows, ironing, and come in maybe once a month.


  • I am meeting with Lily today for the rental house. I just went through a list of my "must hit" things with her daughter and she seemed fine with it all. I think you can always ask and she what she will do.

     In my case the house is empty and the last people cleaned it so surface wise everything looks fine but the window sills and corners are dusty and need some serious attention.

    I will post after she cleans the house. I am hardly on the nest anymore so this make a whole 2 posts for me now :)


  • She cleans, dusts, baseboards, changes the sheets, pretty much anything that I ask her to do. If it is different from the normal rotation, then I leave her a list and request she do it in the order and when her time is done, its done.

     She is really great and flexible!

    Married and it feels so good! Lilypie Second Birthday tickers
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