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NE1 use RMA or IVF-NJ?

I have not heard much about them, but I am curious if anyone has used RMA vs IVFNJ.  What did you think?


Re: NE1 use RMA or IVF-NJ?

  • I use IVF-NJ and LOVE them.  There are several offices.  I use the one in Annandale (near Clinton).

    So far, all the doctors that I have seen have been great.  Very nice and I feel like they don't talk above me.  They give me the info that I need and are very open for questions.

    I know a bunch of NJ nesties use RMA - so I am sure you will get a big response.

    Good Luck on your journey

  • There's actually a good number of nesties here that used IVF-NJ.  I went there for a little bit, tests and surgery, and thought the office was run well and liked my Dr.   I went mainly to the lawrenceville office.
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  • I used RMA and with their help i have my little miracle.
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  • I started going to IVF NJ I loved the doctors that I did see (only two of them but still they were very nice and understanding) Fortunately I only had work up done and an HSG and then got PG on my own. Good luck!

    I liked that they opened at 7. I could go there for bloodwork before going to work.

  • I also used IVFNJ - I mostly went to their Lawrenceville office, but went to Somerset on the weekends/holidays and for certain procedures.

    I can't say enough good things about them.

     I know a bunch of girls who use/used RMA and were happy there as well.

    Good luck with your journey.


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  • Mrs.OLMrs.OL member

    I was a patient of IVF NJ and I loved them all.  There are six RE's in the practice and all of them are wonderful.  I went to their Somerset office which is their main branch and found everyone to be very professional and helpful.  The nursing staff is also wonderful.  I was a "crazy" patient and felt as if I called often, they always took my calls and calmed me down. 

    I hope that somehow baby #2 will be a surprise/miracle, but if I did need help, I wouldn't hesitate! 


  • I wanted to add that I thought IVFNJ was great because my HSG was done at their somerset office by my RE, not just a tech.  My test showed a blockage and he tried to open it with a procedure that could not have been done if a doctor wasn't doing it.  That would probably be one of the biggest reasons I would recommend them over another practice like RMA which gets raves from everyone too.
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    Mom to Teagan 4.11.07 and Cora 9.30.11

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  • I went to NJ IVF in Lawrenceville and was very happy.
  • I used RMA of NJ. ?I've had a great experience with them. ?I highly recommend them. ?
  • I love IVFNJ, I love all the doctors there. They have several offices and they all have a great staff.

    I  ended up getting pg on my own but they monitored the first 7 weeks and were so supportive and calming during that difficult time.

    lots of luck!

  • I just graduated from IVFNJ and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them... Dr. Natofsky is my absolute favorite of the doctors... They are professional, caring, and just wonderful all around... I can't say enough about them... I went mostly to the Freehold office, with the exception of weekends/holidays and major procedures, which were handled out of the Somerset office...
  • I second Dr. Natofsky, he is wonderful.

    I know Benjen used IVFNJ as well and loved the. I think she used Dr. Darder. 

  • I'm pg with our first child, courtesy of RMA in I have no complaints!! Cool



  • I went to RMA in Somerset, had a good experience with Dr. Bohrer.  They have several offices.  Make sure that there is an office convenient to you, wherever you choose, because you will going there alot for monitoring, sometimes every morning.
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  • another RMA grad here...i was under treatment there for a year before finally graduating.  if we go for #2 we'll be back there very soon.  we were very pleased with them.

    you can read my blog for more details if you like.

  • I know it's an old post but just thought I'd add that I'm another patient of IVF NJ. I mostly went to the Lawrenceville and Somerset offices and always had a great experience. Dr. Darder was my main dr and I loved him! All of the dr's were so understanding & compassionate... we'll definitely be using again if needed for #2.

  • BenjenBenjen
    I used IVF NJ for my first child (son) Dr. Darder and Dr. Natofsky I highly recommend them!  Everyone who has used them has been very happy.
  • I go to RMA in Englewood. I will say that i LOVE the dr. i am seeing(dr. kim) ?wonderful bedside manner, explains things until i understand. I love that they have am monitoring before work hours......however, there have been a few instances that i think they could use improvement on. When i first started going i was "warmed" by how much the nurse cared and called daily to tell me what to do.......BUT then as soon as i had tests come back with not so good results it would take them on average 10 days to get back to me. so in the meantime i have NO idea what to do.....this has happened three times already (went there in march and am STILL waiting to start a cycle.....i consider all this nonsense time lost!) i havent heard anyone else with this experience so i can only go on my own and say you MUST keep on top of them or it seems they forget about you :(

    good luck with everything!



  • I am using RMA and my doctor was in the Morristown office but I went for daily monitoring in the Somerset office.  I love them.  The offices are very well kept and they have new state of the art equipment and the staff is great.  I have been going to them for about 6 months and have gotten to know some of the staff and it is like you have an extra cheering squad hoping that you get pregnant.

    Good luck!! 

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    Aubrey & Anthony
  • We used RMA but we did in 2004-05 so things may be different now.  Their staff was very great, morning monitoring always was quick, but I usually was one of the first.  The doctors were compassionate and caring when I had an eptopic.  My nurse even cried with me!  I had a positive outcome and would reccomed them to anyone!
  • we went to RMA in morristown- Dr. Scott. They were great- our success story in bio.

    i have heard great things about both -my advice- go to the place closest to your home or work b/c you will be going a LOT in the early morning for monitoring.

    baby dust!

  • I'm an IVFNJ success story. ?I was very happy with my care there.
  • Another IVFNJ gal here. ?I cannot say enough good things about the doctors and nursing staff. ?I loved, loved, loved the nurses. ?They were so patient with me. ?And so kind during my m/c. ?

    In fact, I wrote them a big heartfelt thank you after the birth of our daughter.

    If #2 is a challenge we're definitely going back to them. ?

    ~ Rebecca

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  • I did 3 IVF cycles with RMANJ.  While they help many others, they were unable to help me.  If you are not one of their textbook cases, you may not receive the care you deserve at RMANJ.  I had 3 failed IVF cycles due to High FSH and what they assume is poor egg quality.  No embryos ever made it to the Day 5 blast stage and they refuse to even try a transfer at Day 3.  While Day 5 transfers in general result in better odds, if it doesn't work 2 times for a patient, I think trying a Day 3 transfer or changing up something would be beneficial.  You really are just a number at RMA, which is probably not much different from other infertility dr's anyway.
    I'm now going to IVFNJ for another opinion and possible some IUI cycles to see if backing off on the meds/invasive process changes things.

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