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Hi From Palm Springs

Hi there,

Just thought I'd introduce myself again since it's been a while... I've just moved to the Palm Springs area after living in Sydney, Australia for three years. Just wanted to say hi!

So where is everyone from? Do most of you know each other? Anyone else in the Palm Springs area?

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Re: Hi From Palm Springs

  • Hello and welcome to the board! (again)

    I am in Fontana. : ) Some of us know each other. We are having a GTG tomorrow in Ontario if you would like to join us. We are having lunch, then going to see SATC.


  • Hi I'm Robyn! I live in Riverside. I have met most of the girls from gtg's in the past. There are a couple that I haven't met yet though.

    There was a post from LaurenPaula the other day. She is going to be moving to Palm Springs in a couple of weeks from Chicago. Other than her, I don't think we have any other PS nesties.

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  • Thanks for the invite- that was sweet, but DH & I are going to Disneyland tomorrow... we haven't been there in years!

    BTW, I'm Holly.



  • Hi, I'm Kristy. I live about 45 mins west of Palm Springs. But I think most of the girls here are in Rancho or Riverside.
  • Hi there!, I'm Sher, I live in Upland. I am not on the boards very much, just when I can get away from work. Welcome.
  • Hello there,

      I'm from the temecula area. I've never met any of the girls in person but lately this board has really picked up so we have really started to get to know each other.


  • I have never been to a gtg for the nest, the ones I have been to was when a bunch of us where on the knot together.
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  • Welcome back! I remember you from the Knot and and here of course. Smile

    Glad to 'see' you again!

  • Thanks for the welcome!
  • Howdy Holly and welcome!

    I'm Amy and from Riverside. Sorry you can't make it to the GTG tomorrow but have fun at DL!

    Hope we see you post here! We love it when we get new people on the boards.

  • Hi, I am Angelina.

    Welcome to the board.

  • I'm in Riverside.  Welcome back!
  • Holly! ?Welcome back! ?How was the move? ?How does it feel to be back in the States? ?

    A friend of mine lives in Indio and is having a baby (as I type) - so I'll be out there in a few weeks. ?Would love to catch up.


    Jen :)?

  • Hello, I recognize your screenname from a while ago. Welcome back. My name is Melinda and I'm in the ghetto. By that I mean San Bernardino.
  • Hello and welcome back!  That's so cool that you lived in Australia!  I'm jealous!

    I'm Lori, btw and DH and I moved to Corona (from the SF Bay Area) 3 years ago.  We just had a little girl (Sarah), 12 weeks ago.  Smile

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  • I am moving in 2 weeks!! We should GTG when I move out there!!! I will send you a private message with my email address. 
    Visit The Nest!
  • Hi everyone- thanks again for the warm welcome back!

    Jen- I'll send you an email... I would love to catch up!

  • Laurenpaula- would love to get together once you're out here!  Good luck with your move.
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