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Poll: Parents


How much do you support your parents? Financially or otherwise, help around the house, health care and so on...

What's your limit? 

Re: Poll: Parents

  • My parents aren't really old enough to need any sort of health care or help around the house...But my dad hasn't been able to drive for the past 10 years, so I'll take him to Dr's appt, etc when my mom isn't available (doesn't happen much anymore since my mother retired).

    My mother will help her parents keep up their yard.  Plant plants, mow lawn, saw fallen limbs, etc.  My parents do not provide any monetary support to my grandparents (that I'm aware of).

  • No financial support right now.  I do have a Long Term Care (LTC) policy I purchased several years ago for them in case they ever need it, so it doesn't empty my accounts and theirs.
  • My parents really aren't at a point where they need support - they both just retired. 

    We don't speak to my inlaws - but the youngest son is helping them out

    We do take care of my H's grandmother.  She lives with us and we have taken responsibility of her. 

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  • We do stuff around the house for both of my parents.

    For Sandro's parents they are very self efficient.  However, there are times were we need to do translations or we have to do computer stuff for them.

  • I don't support my mom financially at all. She still buys me things all the time though! 

    Josh does help out at her house with yard work, trimming trees and bushes mostly and I will always help with flowers or pulling weeds. I am pretty close to my mom so anytime she needs us to help her out for something we do it, but she does the same for us.

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  • Both sets of my parents live across the country, so no help there.  As for financially, one set has made too many stupid $$ mistakes for me to offer anymore help there, the other set I would be willing to help out some.

    IL's are local and don't need our help with anything, I think they still help us more (fixing stuff around the house, etc).  I know if they needed help, we would be willing though.
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  • My dad spends every weekend on my couch - not for necessity - he just does - its become habit.  I've had to help him out alot in the last year - but after Christmas of last year - he's been cut off financially.

    I've written my mother off.  There is only so much help you can give someone if they aren't willing to help themselves.

  • Our parents don't need help yet, but they help their parents out.

    My mom cared for my grandmother full time before she passed.  For all of the other grandparents, it's some financial and mostly help with chores and tasks they can't do.

    I would help financially where possible.  We live far from our relatives right now, so that's about all we could do unless we were really needed. 

  • Nothing for either parents or ILs.  Not sure what we'd do if/when it came to that.

    The only thing I do for my parents is love them :) and the occasional trip to costco for my mom.

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  • We fully support Jason's mom. We partially support his dad. His mom "works" for us and never can make ends meet. His dad usually at the end of the month just needs help to get all the bills paid.

    My parents are self-sufficient and at times have helped us help Jason's mom.

    We are going to support Jason's mom for about 3 more months then she's going to have to grow up and figure out how to survive on her own. She's 53, at some point you have to figure out how to live on what you make.

  • My mom has made poor decisions most of my life... financial, marriage and other. She's finally getting it together but she's in her late 50's only works part time, doesn't have health insurance and recently purchased a fixer upper. Still wondering why did the last one.

     My sister and I keep discussing what we should do but, every time I get  super frustrated and  in turn I feel guilty for being a bad daughter.  My mom would do anything for me which makes me feel even worse.

     I guess I was curious if anyone else had to pitch in.

  • Both of our mothers are widowed, so whenever we visit if there isn't a list of things for us to help out with, we usually come across something we can help with.  With my mom's height, it's always changing out the lightbulbs.  With DH's mom it always has something to do with computer problems.  But for both there are just little things here and there that they need an extra hand with.
  • um none.. They are 3000 miles away and can take care of themselves :) I do send them alot of stuff of Hendrix to keep them going :)?
  • Not at all!  Both of our parents are fairly well off financially and all are in very good health.  Our parents are fairly young too, my mom just turned 50, my dad's 51.  I can't remember how old my inlaws are exactly, but only about 5 years older. 

    In fact, as far as I know none of them are in the position of having to support their parents.  Both of my grandmothers have fairly serious health problems.  One grandfather is living, the other has four sons to be with her when she's ill.  DH's 2 grandmothers and one grandfather are all in good health and financial standing as well.

  • We don't support my parents at all.  They're better off financially than we are.  They're also in good health, although mom is 63 and my dad is 70.

  • both of our parents are in good health. Dh helps his dad with yard stuff sometimes just because they have acreage and he spends so much time on it. dh helps mil with computer stuff all the time, but not alot else unless they ask for help around the house. they're fine financially.?

    my dad is in great health and definitely set financially- the help he needs is odd things like booking airline flights (his old secretary did all those kinds of things for him and so did my mom) I think he really struggles with setting up 'home' ?(things my mom was great at). those are some of the things I just do to help him with, i guess its more errands and things like that just because he doesnt live here 24/7. ?

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  • I don't know wtf we're going to do when Kevin's parent's health goes downhill. Right now they're okay, but let's face it - they're most likely not always going to be in great health.

    Kevin is an only child, so the burden rests on us. 

  • Our parents don't need any help from us. They are financially in great shape, and have no health problems at all. My mom is going through the process to buy her first home after my parents divorced so I am helping her decorate and choose colors. But that is about it!
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  • I think they help us more than we help them : ) ?With babysitting.

    ?DH's parents are in their late 70's, but still active and doing fine financially. ?When my father passed away 5 years ago, my brothers and I made and paid for all of the funeral arrangements. ?I paid the lawyers to have the will probated, etc....we had some legal issues with my dad's will....so that was pretty expensive.

    My Mom (in her late 60's) remarried a couple of years ago and they seem to be doing okay financially. ?My Mom is a spender, so I'm always worried about her. Long term???? Who knows.

  • None! ?They are all in good financial shape.
  • My parents are fine financially and health wise, so right now, there is no support needed there. One day I am sure that will happen, but hopefully not for quite some time.

    Brett's dad passed away last September, but his step-mom is fine and healthy. His real mom is a financial mess, and he sends her $ every now and then to keep her going. She has a weird mentality that she is "due" help from Brett and his brothers b/c she raised them. It drives the whole family nuts, but they help her out from time to time anyway. They had a sit down talk with her about a year ago and outlined when/how much they would give her as she kept asking for more and more. Other than asking for $, she isn't real active in any of the kids lives though.

  • None.  My parents are only 53 & 50.  DH's parents are about to turn 65, but they have plenty of savings for retirement.  I don't know when/if we'll need to do more for them.
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