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Dear Scrapbooking Nesties...

I planned to bring green bean casserole.  However, I am not a master chef like some of ya'll and somehow managed to burn it.  After idea number 1 failed, I was still optomistic and decided to make sugar cookies.  Somehow the edges of those managed to burn but the middle stayed cakey.  So I'm not quite sure I can call my cookies cookies.  Just thought I'd warn ya'll. 

Re: Dear Scrapbooking Nesties...

  • a) Ask Mrs Rosie about what happens when I try to make cookies. It's a long story, but let's just say it wasn't pretty. My cookies were lovingly called "mushrooms."

     b) I have yet to bring anything homemade to a scrapbooking GTG, so you've already got me beat!


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  • Hey - this sounds like good news to me.  I have a very strong dislike for green beans and very strong love for cookies (even if they are cripsy).  :)  And burning goes right along with our scrapbooking GTGs - we started a fire in my oven at the last GTG that was held at my house.
  • It's an omen.  I'm supposed to be at tonight's gtg.  :)  I can't wait to see what other burned goodies we all bring.  ;)
  • Did I also mention that my cookies kind of resemble a cookie pyramid?  I pulled them out of the oven and like an idiot started "neatly" stacking them in tupperware for today and now they are one big glob of cookie.  So not only can I burn food, but I can make architectural designs out of my culinary masterpieces. 
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