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the power of 3

Do you believe the superstition that bad things happen in threes? ?I never really gave much thought to it. ?But now I am just waiting for my 3rd "bad thing" to happen. ?To the point I am paranoid that I am going to come home and my cat is going to be dead.?
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Re: the power of 3

  • If I see two deer cross the road, I always slow down for a third, but other than that, no.

    Good luck, I'm still praying for you.

  • I've never heard that superstition. 

    Hang in there, girl!  You're in all of our thoughts and prayers.

  • Absolutely not. 

    If you do, go purposefully stub your toe and chalk it up to a mercifully tiny 3rd thing.

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  • I've heard that and there are a lot of people who truly believe that - but most of the time, at any given time, we can think of 3 negative things that have happened in a short period of time. So I don't give it much credit. For instance, I got in a fender bender, hurt my back, and dishwasher there's 3...but I could also add that my mom lost her job, my baby got a cold, and my cat puked on my I guess my point in my rambling is that it's pretty easy to make "3" happen. So don't worry about it. :)
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  • I will think of that but I know I only remember that when the third thing happens.  I know I will forget (which is more often than not) if the second and/or third thing doesn't happen.
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