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~*~Flame Free Friday~*~

Let's hear it ladies!! 

Come on spill it Aprilllllllle! :)

Re: ~*~Flame Free Friday~*~

  • we're waiting aprilllllle. we know you're at work since you pussed out on the carpet duty. :P
  • PSA/Flame

    Tanning of any sort can and does cause cancer.  Vanity should never be that important that you feel you must risk your life. Embrace your pastiness.


  • I refuse to embrace my pastiness, thats why I spray tan. :)
  • IMFunIMFun member

    My husband left for there today... ?and will pretty much be living there for well... ever now. ?And I am still living here and although I will see him on Thursday... It is really nice to have the house to myself (well with my son) for a short time. ?We have been fighting a lot and it's just nice to have a break!

    That said... ?I know that when I get to doing everything by myself all the time, it's going to get old really quick. ?I don't know how you military wives do it! ?You have my respect.




  • uh oh, i just bought SPF 12 suntanning lotion. whoops! :P
  • I want a Tattoo, I have tattoo fever again ( I dont have any yet)?


    I tan, both spray and bed (more spray now though!) I feel glowy! :)?

  • *Holy Crap - I feel like S.H.I.I.I.T.T.T.  Damn anniversary celebration when late into the evening - and I NEED MORE SLEEP!  Believe it or not - I was not 'toasty' when I blogged last night - just emotional!  It hadn't even gotten dark yet when I finished up... sad... emotions... haha...

    Mine is more of a SA than a FF.

  • IMFunIMFun member

    I don't tan in a tanning bed but I forget to wear sunscreen. ?:-o

    I like having a glow. ?

  • Awww Sunshine.. it was my anniversary too.. but we grilled and passed out.. no fun here! :(?
  • *I tanned up until about 2 weeks ago when I got a weird 'new' freckle/mole in my cheek... ugh... I have a dermatologist appt. next month... (that's as soon as I could get in) 

     I am such a whitey... I don't think I can embrace white fat... Tan fat looks so much better.

  • Haha..I should clarify I am all for fake bake. :)

    Finally my BFF got her diagnosed and the mass is Melanoma. (freaking took 4 weeks) We had hoped it was lymphoma because it's easier to remove and treat. She had moles which were melanoma which were removed...but the cancer didn't leave the body. Now, she will have to get the mass removed from her lung and then undergo chemo and radiation treatments. She tanned for a number of years and she has so many regrets. I guess this is why I am angry at the world in general.


  • * Some people are still stuck in junior high and it is quite sad.

    * SATC was an AWESOME movie and I want to go see it again, like right now.

    * There were lots of ugly people at the movie last night.

  • but I already confessed!!!  I tied up the toy alligator on my porch (yep, still there as of this morning) 

    I am mad at my parents for not letting J and I keep the boat up here - so.not.fair. that my sister gets to keep it for them - they won't ever use it!!!  So she got the barbie dream house and the boat.  The sibling rivalry is getting thick in our family!

    it is so bad to tan - although I want to so bad I don't anymore.  had a friend who went to tanning beds all the time, found a mark on her leg, stupidly she ignored it and she paid the ultimate price for it. 

    I was stupid the other day with the H - we was talking about how sad his single life was and how he searched and searched for the right woman -- I opened my big mouth and blurted out that my single life was freaking fantastic and I had a wonderful time being single.

    hello april - should have said that your single life was horrible as well! 

    Pregnancy Ticker Birthday
  • I've never seen an episode of SATC. Not that I don't want to, just never got on the SATC boat. Maybe I should do some renting of past seasons this week. Hmph.
  • oh gawd

    "we was talking"

    see what happens when I got out to w.texas and vist the parents?  that way of talking sneaks back in!!!!!!


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  • Hanging head...

    I am tanning right now to get rid of some tan lines.  I know it's bad for me and I had sworn off of it, but my sister is getting married in 28 days and the dress is strapless.  It's a very light green (like the green on the right in the local links box) and my skin is very fair.  I tried fake tan stuff and it didn't work.  So, I'm tanning. 

    Ugh, that's a relief to get off my chest.  I would never post this anywhere but in the flame free post, because I would get completely flogged.  And, my dermatologist is going to murder me.

  • Aprilinoctober---Don't hang you head to low---I own my own tanning bed.  Atleast I can't get flamed for it since this is "Flame Free Friday"

  • Nobody needs to hang their head in shame. That's why I wrote in a flame free post.

    Not everyone who tans will get cancer but why take the risk. But then again people take risks all the time. It's just really hard to see a strong friend who never has been sick in whole her life go through something like this. You feel like you have to blame something.




  • I don't think everyone who tans is going to get cancer - I just want everyone to go to the doctor if you see a strange mole! 

    And I mean everyone!  if you don't go to the doctor if you see a strange mole or mark I will flame you so bad that you will be glowing for weeks Big Smile

    Pregnancy Ticker Birthday
  • I hear ya April.  My mom lost a good friend because she waited too long.  I'm vigilent if I see anything weird going on.  Big Smile
  • I am so sick of my ex husbands CRAP I could scream. He doesnt like the custody order that HE came up with and HE signed. so he is mad at me and attacks me personally on all different levels including letting me know he cheated on my multiple times while I was busting my butt working to support our family. He didnt get off work on Fathers day which he knew about over a month ago(actually he knew about it in March when we signed the papers!) so he wants an extra overnight visit instead since he is not responsible. I told him he could pick another day from 10-6 but no more overnights that what the order states(it takes me 2-3 days to get bailee back to herself after overnights) and he is mad at me.... UGH!!!!!
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